Weekend Highlight Reel

Friday Vince had a friend over and I worked on my DIY project. Vince and his buddy stayed up till 3am playing a combination of ps3 and xbox 360 games.  Basically they were in hog heaven.  If their heads could spin.. they would have been.  Which monsters to kill first, which battle to fight, and which world to save.  I did notice that in none of their choices was a damsel in distress to save.  What the heck has happened to chivalry?  If they aren’t saving damsels in fake-life… how are they going to practice for real-life.  This is probably why boys are growing up with worse manners.  That, or poor parenting.  Nah, probably the video games.

Saturday I worked out in the morning with my Zumba dvd (50 minutes).  This caused a little commotion since vince’s friend hadn’t watched this kind of activity before.  Being the “cardio” Zumba, there is a lot of ethnic dancing.  So when I’m breaking it down to the african beats and swinging my arms like a chimpanzee and doing an exaggerated charlie brown… there is a confused, “what are you doing?” that comes from the other room.  After assuring him I wasn’t having some kind of standing seizure, he settled in and I would catch him watching with a mix of horror and awe as I shook it like a polaroid picture to tunes from Columbia, Africa and the Caribbean.

After I was done “performing”, I went for a 3 mile walk with Tyson (the husky) (another 50+ minutes).  It was a beautiful morning and we went right along.  It’s my favorite kind of walk with Tyson… the one where he doesn’t take any public poops.  I hate picking up steaming warm (large) husky poop in a little bag and then smiling while I walk 5 blocks till the next garbage can pretending like what I’m holding doesn’t reek like rotten dog food, grass, socks and whatever else he has recently ingested.

The boys spent the morning playing video games (again) and Jason made a yummy egg/toast/bacon feast. We also tried a new Elvis coffee… with hints of banana and peanut butter. Uhhhh huh.  It was delicious. It had me all shook up.  :)

Around 11:00am we started getting ready for a volleyball tournament at Rileys in Portage that Jason’s friends Jeremy and Linda asked us to participate in. This was my first “tournament” experience. I didn’t tell anyone that until after it was over. They seemed to have some real confidence in my skills… I wanted to keep it that way.

We ended up playing about 16 games. We took 4th place. I think it could have easily been 3rd place… but perhaps on my next tournament venture we’ll spank the competition.  Jason “walked” (limped) away from the weekend with some sort of icky foot injury he acquired in one of the first games.  He mentioned his toe hurt… and as the day went on the color got deeper and his limp become more pronounced.  It was a little worrisome by the end of the day.  See below…


Jasons Volleyball Injury

Also next time I won’t work out for 2 hours before a 7 hour tournament. Duh. I even ate really healthy, which didn’t seem to be that smart about 7:00pm when I wanted to eat my arm off and/or rip the face off anyone that got between me and food.  All in all our team was awesome and we had a wonderful day. Linda used the word “automagical” and its been in my head ever since.  I have been trying to fit it into a blog post, and decided this was the place to put it.   I’ll undoubtedly bring it up again soon.

Linda, Jeremy, Jason and I went to Tamarack Pizza (also in Portage) for dinner. THAT was magical. It could have been the sunburn, exhaustion, or my love of all things cheesy and warm… Who really cares. We had the Supreme pizza which was truly “Supreme”.  It had giant slices of tomato on it.  The whole tomato… sliced.  It had pepperoni and sausage too, but just the perfect amount (which is about 1 sausage and 2 pepperoni’s per piece in case you were wondering).  We also ordered their cheesy garlic bread (2 orders, 1 with mushrooms and 1 without).  The whole experience was cheesy and delicious.

We went home considering doing something cool and hip, and promptly passed out on the couch. We woke up, took a shower to relieve our crevices of massive amounts of sand and put ourselves to bed.  And yes, that means we had pizza, went home, and napped on the couch with sand in our crevices.  There are times when priorities take over and food and sleep came before crevice cleaning.

Sunday Jason and I slowly moved around and made coffee (Patriotic Coffee that had hints of strawberry, blueberry and something white… we can’t remember) and cinnamon raisin toast (mmmmm….). We spent the rest of the day cleaning and laying by the pool. You can guess who did what.

We ended the evening with a mission to finish our puzzle.


Mission Complete

It was a great weekend.  As usual.


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