Exciting update to “Weekend Highlight Reel”

Maybe it’s only really exciting to me… but I’m sharing it anyways. 

I was really struggling to remember the brand name and the individual names of the coffee that I described in my blog, “Weekend Highlight Reel“.  I could picture it and everything but just could quite get it right. 

This morning I stopped at WalMart on my way to work and low and behold there they were.  I went digging through the “new” bin to find my* two new weekend coffee finds.  

*I do have to give credit to Jason because he is the one who originally picked them out at the Piggly Wiggly when we stopped last week. 

Try them.  You’ll like them.  You’re welcome. Here they are!

  • Lunch with Elvis
  • Patriotic Union


The Awesome Coffee


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