Have your cake… and cookies and bread and crafts too!

I was feeling a bit crafty last night.  Jason had hockey and I had nothing but music blaring, box-bakin’ and craft makin’ to do!  I saw Jason off with a kiss and a rather brilliant air guitar solo.  I probably would have made a scene of it in the driveway, but the bread was about to burn… and if I start burning my box-bakin’ creations… I’m going to be fired from the kitchen permanently (hmmmm… idea forming)!



This is what a kitchen looks like when baking is in progress.  I actually do clean up in between each kitchen masterpiece I produce, so it’s really just a pile of goodies and one sneaky husky.  He thinks I don’t notice him stretching over and over again which only leads him closer and closer to the stove.  When the timer would go off he would get up, pace the kitchen and whine incessantly.  Even canines can sense that I should not be left alone in the kitchen for long.  No faith.  No leftovers either!


As the laundry was a washing and the oven was working hard to make my little mixes into solid pieces of brilliance, I decided to put more Snapple bottles to good use.  Thanks to my coworker Laura for financing a couple of post-walk snapples and thanks to Bret Michaels for crafting the “Trop A Rocka” Snapple that has a home in our 1st floor break room.  Without the two of you, there would only be 2 friends getting special no-reason presents.


I painted their names on with Martha Stewart’s multi purpose black paint and went over it with some of her sparkly green multi purpose paint.  Then I took elmers glue and for extra decoration I glued on some fabric scraps and arranged them in a craft-like manner around the bottle.  I then grabbed little “I” notecards and wrote little sweet nothings to my friends. 

These notes were to assure them I wasn’t losing my mind, I knew it wasn’t their birthday or some kind of international friend holiday… it was in fact just a random day of giving.  Or, I could have said it was a celebration of the 1st day of Summer.  But I didn’t think of that till after the cards were written.  Che Sara Sara. 

I filled them with batting since it was the only thing that showed off the paint and filled the bottle without looking like a big piece of paper vomit was shoved in there (tissue paper looks like that… fyi).

I also made little goodie bags that contained one piece of the cinnamon bread and one oatmeal craisen cookie.  I wanted my friends to feel sparkly and well-nourished in order to prepare them for the rest of the awesomeness that would be their Thursday.


I wrote little love notes on the ziplock bags with the goodies in them.  I love those little note sections.  They are so crafty.  They could be used for good… or evil.  Good: I made this with love.  Bad: You should be near a toilet when you eat this.


This was Kim’s Jar and her fabric collage of fun-ness.  It was fun picking out fabric for each person and imagining what they would like best and what really said, “HI I’M KIM”. 


This was Laura’s little fabric creation.  Once again, really fun to pick out fabrics, colors and patterns that I thought would really float the boats of these lovely ladies.  They are all so individual and unique in their own way.

 Below: See the final products with the “Fabulous” bag behind it.  Complete with be-dazzles.  If I’m giving wonderful things, they should be transported in a magical and fantastic sort of way.



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