Painting / Wine / Food Party: The Breakdown

I uploaded our finished products last night as we were moving from the paint/wine/mumford and sons portion of the evening into the campfire/ash dashing/story telling portion of our evening… thus I did not have time to go into detail on the evening and its wild success.

This idea all started from another blog I had read where someone had done a similar event.  I sent the post to my lady friends and suggested that we do a similar kind of party.  Turns out the boys did not want to be excluded from the fun, so it became a coed painting and wine evening.  Amy set the ground rules with this list:

Guests to bring: 1 bottle of wine, 1 snack to pass, 1 fancy color (basic colors will be provided), 1 canvas to paint on.

The party was scheduled to commence at 6:00pm sharp.

The Preparation:

Wine Contributions (totally un-planned pattern to follow…) ~

  • Wollersheim Prairie Fume (Laura and Dan)
  • Wollersheim Riesling (Laura and Dan)
  • Wollersheim Prairie Blush (Amy and Andy)
  • Wollersheim Prairie Blush (2) (Amy and Andy)
  • Wollersheim River Gold (Ingrid and Jason)
  • Relax Riesling (Ingrid and Jason) — yup we broke the pattern and brought a non-wollerwheim wine.

Food Contributions:

Canvas Bringers:

  • 5 flat 8 x 10 canvases (Ingrid)
  • 2 large box canvases (Ingrid)
  • 7 square box canvases (Amy)
  • 3 rectangular box canvases (Laura and Dan)

Amy, flashing her canvases… again.

Paint Supplies:

  • Many, many paint brushes (Everyone)
  • Large squeeze tubes of the basic colors: white, black, red, yellow, green and blue (Dan, Laura and Amy)
  • Fun Martha Stewart Colors (Ingrid)
  • Small styrofoam/paper plates for palettes (Laura, Ingrid)
  • Paint box supplies from college (Amy)

Some Sexy Looking Supplies!

Paint Area of Awesomeness:

  • Amy’s Backyard
  • 2 folding card tables (Amy)
  • 6 folding chairs (Amy)
  • 1 hammock for use while paint dries and inspiration strikes

Dan, modeling the hammock.


  • Anything we didn’t mind getting paint on.

The Painting Process:

Laura, Dan and Andy:

Getting started with their base coat of paint.

Serious contemplation on next steps…

Masterpieces being created!

Jason, Amy and I

Let’s get this party started!

Amy with her fancy little artist (say it french) palette

Jason rocking out with his paint brush out

Well… hello there!

Proud Artists! {say cheese and smile with your eyes}

Andy: Self Portrait
(yes, he is secretly a blue alien… don’t tell the MIB)

Andy: Phallic Fruits
(aka self portrait number 2)

Dan: Door Number 1
{this is his supermodel pose… he is smiling with his beer}

Laura and Dan: The Doors

Jason: Brick House with Bushes and a little Pie in the Window

Amy: Pretty Bird

Amy: Owl at Night

Amy: White Tree

Ingrid (me): Heart with Wings and Tree with Heart

Ingrid (me): Sunset
{appropriately the picture was taken at sunset}

Ingrid (me): Peacock
{this was the inspiration that started the whole event}

Ingrid (me): “Love is patient, love is kind”
{it’s just a solid saying… and i always need a reminder to practice patience… and probably kindness too}

I’m so very proud of us.

The wrap up:

This was a creative exercise for some and a courage exercise for others.  These paintings didn’t just roll off our fingertips.  We had encouragement, supplies and paint smears given to each other throughout the process.  I always think of my friends as magnificent and talented in everything they do, so when I see them be shy or nervous about something… I’m astounded.  I have the upmost faith in them and think they should have the same kind of faith in themselves.  It was the perfect evening shared with the most perfect group of people.  We ate, laughed, ate, painted, drank, ate, and singed our leg hairs off by the fire.

Thank you to Laura, Dan, Amy, Andy and Jason for taking my idea seriously and helping me schedule, prepare and actually follow through with this idea.  I absolutely love the paintings everyone made and I am so happy to get to hang mine in the house because every time I look at them I will think of our brilliant evening of creativity and friendship.

My tree has a new home… amazingly enough it’s next to our wine.


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