Firsts… Hookers and Baseball

Saturday Nights are for Hooker’s and Steaks

Laura and Dan’s first Hooker’s Resort experience.

Evening Summary:

We met there right around 6:00pm.

We explained the in’s and out’s of Hookers.

We all had salad, bread (more bread) and steak.

We waddled out to the bar area to enjoy some post-dinner beverages.

There was no dj or band.

There was a well-stocked juke box.  It earned about $10.00 of our business.

We played couples darts (cricket), Dan and Laura won.

It was a good night, good company and good food.


We invited Laura and Dan out for some Hookers. {the invitation was to come to the lake wisconsin area to hookers resort and grill their own steaks by the lake… but meeting us for hookers is shorter and leaves far more to the imagination}


Dan: very butter-happy


Jason and I… Hookers Hostesses with the Mostesses


Looks like a damn good dinner. Luckily we had most of the grill to ourselves.  That’s 3 Ribeye steaks, 1 New York Strip steak and 6 pieces of buttered garlic bread.

Sunday (PG) Funday with the Madison Mallards

Vince and Jason’s first Madison Mallards experience.

Game Summary:

Game time was 3:05pm

The Mallards won 3 – 2 in a nail-biting 9th inning.

There was 1 home run which landed within 20 feet of us… straight in the arms of another lucky fan.  Next time boys.

We got tickets free from work.

We sat picnic style on a hill behind the outfield.

We got free soda, food and stadium blanket.

We had a good day.


Vince and Jaden with Maynard


Jason was enjoying himself also! {even though it was 88 degrees and he was getting a little wilty}


2 boys, 2 mountain dews… we were living on the edge.


After some coaching on the finer points of asking for autographs, finding them 2 balls and 1 pen… and practically pushing them up to the fence… they really got into the spirit of things and started collecting autographs.


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