Serenity Lodge: T-Minus 4 Days until Arrival

Sunday morning we (Jason, Mom and I) will be catching a 6:15am flight out of Madison and headed East.  New York, here we come.  New York City?  No.  There will be no traffic lights, no fashion shows, no tv crews.  We are headed to Lake Placid.  Lakes, Adirondack Mountains, Bears, Fish and M&M’s.  Lots of M&M’s.

We will be going here… (A) in the upper right hand corner


We will be on Mirror Lake, which is just a baby lake compared to Lake Placid.


We will be right here, at the top of Mirror lake.

We will eat, sleep and enjoy life here for a week.

We will wake up to this amazing view


We will walk this beautiful path around the lake


We will enjoy all 2.7 miles of the above mentioned walk


We will sit in chairs like these and take it all in (from my last LP visit)

Everything about this post makes me want it to be Sunday morning… RIGHT NOW.   Other noteworthy trip FYI’s:


  • Grandma Joanie
  • Aunt Debbie (hostess) — you have this beautiful soul to thank for pushing me to write, write more, write often and supporting me as I write every sort of thing that comes to mind on this blog.  She originally challenged me to write 3 stories before christmas.  Now I write one practically every day.  LYB&B, Aunt Deb! 
  • Uncle Dick (host)
  • Aunt Linda
  • Uncle James
  • Cousin Kelsey
  • Cousin Erin
  • Mother
  • Myself (and Jason)

Chef Extraordinaire Meals (by UD), Yahtzee Playing, M&M Consuming, Wine tasting, brewery visiting, lake kayaking, path walking, souvenier buying, day napping, picture taking, celebrating each other and all around enjoying every moment of every day… yes please.

Are we there yet?


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