V Convo: Hydration

Today on the way to work I dropped Vince off at his Mom’s house.  On the way he was talking about how bummed he was that his baseball game was cancelled for tonight.  We found out last night that they game was cancelled due to the high of 98 and heat index of 105 that we are supposed to experience today.

I explained to him that the coaches were responsible for the children’s well-being and that with temperatures like that it could be bad for them.  I told him that there have been cases in the past where athletes have died from dehydration and/or exhaustion from playing/practicing in these kinds of temperatures.

Well, that really got his attention.  He asked if I was talking about high school athletes.  I told him that it did apply to generally older kids because they are in longer, more competitive practices.  However, I asked him to remember how he had felt last night when he got to our house. 

Vince had played outside most of the day yesterday. The high yesterday was 95 degrees.  By the time we got him (around 4:30pm) he was tired, not feeling well and pretty emotional.  Jason was cooking a pizza and went to find Vince who was in his room crying because he didn’t feel well.  Now, as a 9-year-old who doesn’t understand why he is feeling a little “off” this can be extra stressful because they don’t understand and can’t express their feelings well. 

When he came to the table, wiping his tears away and trying to compose himself since I was now in the room, I asked him if he had played outside all day.  He nodded yes while sniffling and picking at his 1st piece of pizza.  He declared he wasn’t very hungry. 

About 38.5 seconds later he was licking his fingers and eyeing up the pizza on the counter.  Fast forward through 2 more pieces of pizza, 3 Oreos and 1 Gatorade later and we have the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Vince back.

Now, fast forward back to our car conversation and he is reflecting on how he felt physically and mentally the day before and seems to be a little relieved as he gained some understanding why he was having a little mini-breakdown the evening before.

He then reflects on how water was forgotten by one of his parents at the last game.  Not wanting to single anyone out, I let him know that if either of his parents, or me for that matter, forgets his water that he should ask them to call the other parent and have them pick up Gatorade or water.  His parents need to try to remember but he might need to help remind them also.

Shortly after this we pulled up to his Mom’s house and he, his baseball glove and ball skipped happily off to the rest of his day.  We wished each other a good day and were off.

I felt like we had a good conversation, and he might remember Gatorade or water next time and feel better because of it.

Great start to the day… check.


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