Vacation Eve

Today… is not the day I thought I was going to have.  It all started yesterday when we went out to dinner for fish at Lockwoods Longshots down the road from us.  The fish was phenomenal.  Vince had about 1/16th of a chicken strip and declared himself full.  We assumed he was faking and/or holding out for Oreo cookies.  This is a common occurrence.  However, to our surprise we were proved wrong when Vince puked before we even left the parking lot.  He did manage to get the door open, so only the inside of the door was coated in chocolate milk/gatorade and 1/16th of a chicken nugget.

The rest of the night/wee morning hours/ and up through now have been a series of repeated events.  Vince throws up, he naps, he feels a little better, he drinks gatorade, eats a little and pukes again.  This has been about a 4 hour rotation.  I now consider myself and Jason packed.  I have washed my hands about 1 million times today to try and keep whatever germs are floating about out of my body and belly.  I have had a raging headache all day, but I’m pretty sure that’s just god and my uterus hating me.

I’ve spent most of the day either packing, or pacing and wringing my hands in near-tears hoping and praying that I’m doing the right things, hydrating him enough and suggesting enough foods.  I called Kim and got the nurse-advice.  Called Mom and got the Mom-advice.  Called Jason and told him I was scared.  Then Vince and I took naps.  Both of us were obviously having stressful days.

Anyways, we are getting there and this time tomorrow will be laying on the lake laughing about all this.  Right now, I’m going to wash my hands again and go light some stuff on fire to sanitize it.

Peace out.


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