Day 1: Arrival at Serenity Lodge (in pictures)


“Backyard” of Serenity Lodge


The 2012 Theme/Mascot/T-shirt Deluxe


Aunt Deb, Being the Most Thoughtful and Kind Hostess… as usual and as always.


Posing by the Mountains and Golf Course at Lake Placid Country Club (Lunch here on Day 1 ~ Chicken Caesar Salad… mmmmm)


Jason, being handsome in front of some mountains. Love him :)


Jason and I in front of Lake Placid Country Club (Jason’s first taste of the “stand here, climb there, smile… photography that we do on vacation)


Jason chatting with the pilot on our last flight of the day, a 17 minute jump from Burlington, VT to Lake Placid, NY.


Aunt Debbie!! :) Greets us and rides back with us from VT to NY.


Mom and I: So happy to see Aunt Debbie!


Hey, Mr CoPilot… come here often?


One thought on “Day 1: Arrival at Serenity Lodge (in pictures)

  1. You look awesome Ingrid. Give your mom a hug from me. I am headed to WI for a couple weeks on the 15th. The place you are at looks amazing and the name aptly fits. Have a great time. Hugs to all…

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