Vacation Traditions: “The” Morning Walk

Everyone has their special traditions and moments that they share with certain family members.  Grandma and I share a morning walk.  We do this every year that we are both lucky enough to be on this wonderful vacation.  We walk.  We walk fast.  We don’t pause.  We chat and talk about the day before, the day before us and how to solve the world’s problems.  Sometimes we have deep conversations, sometimes we are silent for a mile.  It’s a special time and memory that I treasure.  Here’s to many more walks Grandma Joanie!

A brief snapshot into “the” walk. Normally pausing this much for pictures isn’t allowed, but luckily the blogging has been embraced so much by the family… that the opportunity for a cameo appearance is enticing enough to earn a couple stops. This day we did end up about 5 minutes longer than our usual morning walk time. Tsk, tsk. Hopefully it was worth it…


One thought on “Vacation Traditions: “The” Morning Walk

  1. Ingrid, I love our Lake Placid tradition walk around Mirror Lake. It was one of the highlights of the week and I look forward to doing it next year and every year! Despite all the delicious food we ate, I managed to lose 2 pounds…due to our walk. However, my first day home was hard getting going on my walk without the lake and Ingrid, but I did it….don’t want to get those 2 pounds back! And, I love your photo page…it will be a wonderful memory in my LP scrapbook. Until next year,
    Love, Grandma Joanie

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