Vacation Recap

I’m sitting here now on the couch with Jason.  We are watching War of the Worlds.  He just finished massaging my temples since I have had a massive headache since returning to Wisconsin.  Obviously this is a clear sign that we should have stayed at the Lake longer.  I have completely unpacked my belongings and am almost ready to return normal life at work tomorrow.

Last night we ate a dinner that consisted solely of bread, cheese, more cheese, honey and strawberries.  A plate inspired by our cheese sampler that we got at the Great Adirondack Brewing Company.  We picked up some Vermont Sharp White Cheddar cheese at the grocery store after having some at my Aunt’s house.  We also had some regular Sharp Cheddar Cheese.  The honey was an addition that they had at the brewery and was absolutely delicious.  After adding it to our platter at home, I decided it was fabulous here too… and not just because it was at the lake and on vacation.  I fell asleep on Jason’s shoulder at 9:30pm and slept like a rock.

We slept in this morning since we were up early every day on vacation.  In this case, “sleeping in” meant we got up at 7:45am.  I anxiously stepped on the scale.  I have spent the last week working out 2 hours a day on vacation.  Why?  Well, please review previous posts listing the massive meals we enjoyed on vacation.

If you haven’t seen the previous posts, the menu(s) included: Cobblers, racks of ribs, pans of lasagna, bowls of baked lasagna, vats of baked beans, baskets of french fries, a bushel of corn on the cob and anything that resembled a bowl being filled with M&Ms.  ** Note that everything ends in an (s).  There is no single, girlie or dainty portion.  We were served full flavored, fully delicious and full fat meals.

Oh, and the wine.  Hmmm… maybe I’m having some kind of Wine withdrawals.  Possible.  Not likely, but I won’t rule it out.

Anyways, as it turns out all the early morning Zumba and walks around the lake with Grandma paid off.  Not 1 pound gained!  (note: not one pound was lost either… so every samba, salsa and step of our walk counted!)

Jason gained about 3 pounds.  This will surely really be upsetting to the other occupants of the house who were mostly female and do not have the abnormally high Irish metabolism that my dear sweet Jason seems to have.  He who had 3rd’s and 4th’s of meals and then dessert… and his whopping 3 pounds.  To be slightly graphic… he will likely take care of that on his next trip to the library.  Library = toilet.  This I learned from my Mom.

Jason and I spent the day at the pool relaxing and by “relaxing” I mean that he cleaned it while I floated around in it.  It was a balmy some sort of 90 degree day here… which as I understand it is mild compared to all the heat we missed while we were in New York.  The heat wave is evident in the dying grass, flowers, and flourishing weeds.

Inspired by all the wondrous meals at the Lake, Jason made a grandiose dinner this evening.  We had rib-eyes, mashed potatoes, garlic bread and cut watermelon.  All grilled to perfection and the charcoal weber grill (the itty bitty one the roommate brought over while we were gone).  I’m writing this and winding down.  I just took ibuprofen to combat this wild headache.  I will now go to the old faithful plan b and take some M&Ms, cuddle with Jason and continue to watch crazy Tom Cruise save the world with Dakota Fanning.  Go team crazy and cute.


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