23 hours and 7 minutes into my Invisalign experience… oohhh hold on… let me take more ibuprofen.

Yesterday I didn’t want to blog about my upcoming appointment because I was sure that something would happen and it wouldn’t work out that I would get my trays put in.  Luckily (I think) that was not the case and I left my 9:30am appointment (on 7/11/12) with plastic aligners on my upper and bottom teeth. 

These suckers are snug.  I’m only supposed to take them out for 2 hours per day for eating/drinking/cleaning and leave them in the other 22 hours of the day.  I have these particular trays in for 2 weeks, then I get the next set.  I have 47 sets in my future.  That’s 94 weeks of braces.  658 days.  1,974 meals that will require me to pull my drool filled trays out of my mouth and eat/drink/clean them.  Forget GTL (gym, tan, laundry — clarification for mom).  I’m going to be living EDC (eat, drink, clean). 

Not that I’m counting or that I had a moment of WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING this morning when I took 4 more ibuprofen with my chewy vitamins… which by the way I just swallowed this morning because chewing them would have hurt a little. 

The really good news is that I can have ice cream with the aligners in.  This news was what really tickled me during my appointment.  The silver lining in the cloud of braces for the next 2 years.  Also, after gumming a pbj sandwich for dinner last night I discovered that I can also just suck on the individual layers of the Oreo cookies until they are soft enough to swallow.  Top cookie, check.  Middle white stuff, check.  Bottom cookie, check.  It’s these little successes I will be celebrating. 

Over the next few days it should get better and in 2 weeks when I can pop in those aligners with no problem and my teeth aren’t sensitive, I’ll “get” to put in brand new trays and start all over.  Weeeeee.

Despite my complaining, I am incredibly excited and happy to be starting this journey.  It has been a long time coming and the invisalign is still light years ahead of the brace-face phenomenon that was my middle school years (yup, 2nd time with braces already).

So, here’s to the next 2 years… and many Invisalign blog posts to come :)


Me right after getting the invisalign “popped in” at the orthodontist yesterday. Big smile with the aligners in! Day 1… and go.


Oh, PS… apparently the aligners are like candy for dogs.  I was warned very sternly not to leave them anywhere that a dog might be able to get them.  They will eat them.  Not just chew, eat.. digest… and poop out in a mangled heap.  Also, they are not safe in the little travel container they gave me to keep them in.  The dogs will chew through the container to get to the trays.  So weird.  Something about the smell of saliva and food.  Anyways, bad dog… no aligner!


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