Invisalign: Week 1 Down… only 93 left… Yay?

Tomorrow will mark the first complete week I have had my invisalign in. 

My main lesson I have learned this last week is that keeping a toothbrush and toothpaste in my purse is the best plan of action and lets me be the most versatile with these aligners in.  Also, I snack(ed) pretty often.  Now, I weigh whether it is worth pulling out my aligners (sucking the spit off them) placing them in a tray, snacking, then rinsing the aligners (if I can’t brush) and popping them back in is all worth having a handful of chips or a piece of chocolate.  In most cases, I find that I’d rather just wait until the next meal and make it worth the “process” that has become preparing for my meals.

The first 36 – 48 hours were the hardest because I also had a lot of pressure on my teeth from the new aligners and a headache.  Then the following 48 hours were a different kind of hard because while the initial pressure and headache had gone away (hello solid food… i missed you the last two days), the inside of my lip was starting to get scraped up from the front of the aligners. 

The aligners in the front have a little piece that sticks out on my front two bottom teeth to allow them to tip backwards or forwards (I forget which way).  So, my mouth didn’t like this little scratchy intruder and I was worried I’d end up with a canker sore or just a really sore lip. 

However, by Monday (5 days in) my mouth had adjusted to the little sticky-out-thingies on the aligners and now there is no soreness there either.

Now I notice that some of my other teeth feel funny when I take my aligners off, which to me just means that they are being gently persuaded by the aligners to move in a certain direction or another.  I kind of like the feeling.  It lets me know that things are moving and shaking in there.  I notice it more when the aligners are off and my teeth feel like they are saying, “I’m free, I’m free… nom nom nom…”

I’m finding out which things I can tolerate drinking with the aligners in and which things kinda gross me out.  I was told I could drink whatever I wanted as long as it wasn’t too hot (which would deform the aligners).  I just needed to rinse the aligners and my mouth afterwards so no sugar or icky stuff was left behind to start forming a chain gang to make a cavity.  Mostly when I drink with the aligners in I can feel the liquid moving around in the aligners and unless it is water, it kinda grosses me out. 

So, while I do have some beverages with it in… like during work meetings when it’s 2:00pm and I’m just dying for a Dr Pepper.  However in the morning I just have a really small cup of coffee now with my oatmeal and when I’m done eating, I toss the coffee too.  I just don’t want to brush my teeth 8 million times a day… nor do I want to feed the cavity chain gang.

I’m both excited and anxious to see how the next week goes and to see how my bottom aligner continues to loosen up.  The Ortho mentioned that if the bottom aligner isn’t popping on and off easily that I should leave this first set in for 3 weeks versus the normal 2.  My only question is… how loose is loose enough? 

There is always some hesitation as they are meant to stay on your teeth, they shouldn’t just fall out while I talk.  However the bottom teeth are crowded so they have a little more detours to work around when I pop it in.  I’m hoping for a moment of, “ah hah!” When I will pop in the bottom aligners and I will just “know” that they are loose enough.   ESP & Invisalign… let’s work together here.

It’s all a learning experience.  I did have a moment on day 2 of, “What the hell did I do?  Maybe my teeth weren’t that bad after all.  Sucking on a Oreo until it’s a consistency that doesn’t involve chewing takes too long.”  However, that passed.  Now I’m just trying to work out my new schedule and Jason has been very accommodating thus far and he hasn’t snacked as much either since I started snacking… which is very considerate of him. 

Here’s to the next 93 weeks of invisalign.

{rips aligners out of mouth and sucks drool off…} 


{rinses aligners and pops them back into place}



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