Visions of Italy…

I found this absolutely wonderful website that I’m guessing will become more than a slight obsession.  I’m going to have to start making a lot of coin jars in order to save up for this kind of fantastic adventure.

I found this article in Budget Travel magazine (which Amy so kindly gave me a copy of since she gets the subscription at her house).  It is a fabulous article.  By the time I got done reading about the experience of the author, I wanted to immediately book a trip and start taking my italian studies seriously.  The idea of spending the mornings walking from town to town and really getting to see the countryside just sounds so awesome!  It’s at your own pace, you have the comfort and security of a guide to call if you’re lost, hurt or just too tired to go on.

The other options of walking less and learning to cook also sounded just amazing.  Maybe you could make it a two week trip and do a little of both.  Walk a few days, eat yourself stupid, walk a few days, eat yourself stupid, and repeat.  Check it out, maybe you’ll be inspired to dream of a vacation too!

Even if you don’t go to Italy, you should check out the issue because it also lists every state and a little about the wineries in each one!  Something in this country, or something in that country.  Whatever floats your boat.

Self-Guided Walking Tours of Tuscany


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