Richness Project…

What makes your life rich?  Not cha-chang rich, but soulful/heartfelt/my heart is on wings… rich?

I have been posing this question to my close friends and family per a 007 super secret project.  Now I’m going to lower the security level clearance and really put it out there…

What makes you/your life/your heart, rich?

There is no right or wrong answer.  In fact, so far the feedback I’ve gotten (along with all the wonderous things that people have in their lives that make them rich) is that making the list… made them feel richer.  Taking the moment to take inventory of the ingredients that come together to make a sweet plate of richness brownies (mmmm… brownies), brightened their day.

I’d like you to brighten your day too!

Please respond to this post with your Richness Recipe! 

If you can’t get the comment doo-hickey to work, email me here: and tell me there.  I will read each of them. I will be richer for it.  I will be sharing the data in the form of, “so many people are more rich because of birthday cake Oreos… it’s amazing!”.  {if you haven’t tried them, google/amazon/pray for them — awe-some}. 

I will not throw you under the bus or directly quote you, unless of course you are asking for it because your life is so full of richness and awesomeness that you are ust going to burst if you don’t share it (and ask me to do so).

Here is my list… because it isn’t sharing of information if I don’t do it too!

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Jason & Vince {who are also my family}
  • Colors in Nature
  • Feeling blessed by the opportunities I have in life
  • Having arms, legs and a butt — and a good inner beat to shake them all to
  • My crafty side
  • Giving to someone
  • Teaching someone something
  • Being a good friend
  • Wine & Cheese — ever-broadening taste buds
  • The ability to pick olives off my food because I am an adult and can do what I want (stomp, stomp)
  • A good education
  • A beautiful, stable, promising, full-of-hope relationship
  • Chocolate, for the days when hope is hiding
  • Technology – to keep me informed, to keep me in touch, to allow me to flex my creative muscles with pintrest, facebook, instagram, photos, pandora, etc.
  • The gift of being able to make everyone around me laugh, and laugh hard… like almost pee their pants hard
  • Life.  And the ability to live it… fully, everyday.

Sigh, smile :)

Now you go…. AND GO!


4 thoughts on “Richness Project…

  1. •Family
    •Daughters to share “everything” with
    •Sisters to share and remember the days when we were all younger, more energetic and thinner
    •A loving husband who is also a great auto mechanic and a great handyman
    •Being able to give bone marrow to my brother
    •Three cats who provide us entertainment and comfort when we are alone
    •Having a job I like
    •Quiet Sunday mornings
    •Afternoon naps
    •Rain and thunderstorms
    •Being at the beach and hearing the waves crash
    •Being by a lake
    •Watching NCIS while I am sewing or crafting
    •Chocolate (my favorite)
    •Pizza Hut dinners and a little shopping
    •Music you can dance to
    •Making people laugh
    •Hopeless romantic at heart (no matter how old I get)
    •Life. And the ability to live it… fully, everyday

    • You are so amazing, I’m lucky to have such a great mom :) Now, if we win the lottery and become for-real rich… we will have to do something about our chocolate dependency issues… like open a chocolate, wine, craft store.

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