Weekend Recap: July 20-22


I worked.

Now on to the reason I work, Life.  I made a quick stop on the way home from work to find some special items to add to our dinner.  Jason and I had already talked about having chicken alfredo for dinner, but I wanted to add some sprinkles of awesomeness.  I was on the hunt for some wine to go with our dinner.  A buttery Chardonnay to be precise.  We love the Chardonnay from Wollersheim winery, but there wasn’t any at the store… so I had to check about 26 Chardonnay’s to find one that had buttery tones to it.  I know this sounds like a waste of time, but I had it in my mind that I wanted a buttery Chardonnay and nothing short of that would do.

I also did find a Pinot Noir that was imported from Italy, so I had to get that also (stock our emergency wine rack).

I wanted to get a special dessert for Jason.  I knew he liked Werthers so I was also looking for something with butterscotch flavors to have as a dessert.  I ended up getting an oatmeal cookie mix and some butterscotch chips (like chocolate chips, but not). I rounded up some flakey Pillsbury biscuits because they are his favorite and got myself some dark chocolate with raspberry filling Godiva chocolates because anything chocolate is my favorite.  I capped it all off with some pretty flowers to adorn the dining room table.

Dark Chocolate, Buttery Chardonnay and Italy Pinot Noir.

Pretty flowers and candles to set the table for a wonderful dinner cooked by Chef Ciano.


We ate a delicious dinner, had some wonderful buttery chardonnay and capped it off with heaven in our mouths… our new favorite cookies… the oatmeal butterscotch cookies.


Ren Faire Day.

We met Amy and Andy at the park and ride at 7:10am.  Yup, we were getting an early start for this day of festivities and Awesomeness.  We headed out on our trek to Bristol for the Renaissance Faire.  On our way we stopped at the Daily Grind coffee shop in Cambridge, now a tradition on our Ren Faire Road Trip since we stopped there last year as well.  We got delicious scones and coffee and jumped back in the car to continue our trip.  Andy was the Driver, Jason was the navigator and Amy and I were backseat drivers.

We arrived at the faire around 9:15am.  The doors opened at 10:00 am so we got our tickets and settled in to watch the pre-faire show of Odiforous Thunderbottom. He was a humorous man who got some audience participation and killed time before the doors were opened.  Once inside we got to witness the different world that is the renaissance faire.  Couldn’t find anything to wear today besides animal fur, knights armor, chain mail bikini or a storm trooper uniform?  It’s okay, it’s the Ren Faire!  Come woodland fairy, come prince, come anyone and everyone.

Jason and I

Andy (being Andy) and Amy


We walked around and took it all in and then planned our day around the shows that were happening.  We got to see most of the shops around.  Didn’t bring your chalice to drink out of… no problem!  Need a new corset?  Check!  Need some very overpriced glass beads on a string, you’re in the right place!  Need mead, beer, and mixed drinks at every corner!  You’re in luck!  We ate giant turkey legs, mouth watering cheese balls, garlic mushrooms, corn on a stick and drank the local drinks.

Jason = Very excited about his ear o’ corn!

We took in the fire whip cracker (sigh), Moonie (a favorite) and caught several other acts during our day.  All in all we walked for about 5 and a half hours straight and by the time we left were completely exhausted and felt extremely underdressed and normal in comparison to everything we had witnessed.  This was Jason’s first Ren Faire and he loved it.  Even mentioned maybe coming back in costume next year.

Moonie sat with the boys for a bit during his performance… Andy can barely contain himself.

Audience participation isn’t free….

See you next year, Moonie!

As we parted ways back at the park and ride in Madison, Jason and I decided to live wild and fancy free and go have dinner at Olive Garden.  He had some Parmesan Crusted Chicken Alfredo and I had some (absolutely divine) Portabella Ravioli.  We also had some wonderful Chardonnay (shocking, I know) and had to take our Triple Chocolate Layer Cake dessert home with us.  We were full to the brim!

Needless to say that we got home, watched about an hour of tv and on a Saturday night without any parenting responsibilities, we were in bed and asleep by 9:00pm.  Exhausted?  Yes.


We slept in.  We slept for 11 hours.  We could have slept longer.

We got up around 8:00am and I made us a bountiful breakfast of coffee and peanut butter toast.  I had about 2.5 extra pounds on me from the weekend (according to my dumb scale) and we were still having a little food hangover from the previous day.  We then cuddled up on the couch and watched the movie Cowboys and Aliens.  I really enjoyed it.  I also enjoyed the relaxing couch time.  Seems like we haven’t had much of that lately with all the sports and social obligations.  We were lazy, lazy bums until after lunch, which was grilled cheese, fritos (the devil) and that triple layer chocolate cake from the night before.  Mmmmm…..

Jason had to work in the afternoon so I got all prepared to Zumba.  I was lacking motivation and hoped it would kick me in the right direction.  I zumba’d for about an hour and then walked on the treadmill for about 2 miles while catching some sex and the city on tv (indulgent secret love).  After that I decided to go out and pull the weeds that Jason had told me not to pull.  He wanted to help me… I wanted it done.  I don’t listen well… ask him, he knows.  By the end of that I was feeling pretty exhausted and a little faint.  Probably lack of water and still some ren faire hangover.

I sat on the couch and picked up my Staffing school book.  I read 14 pages and then napped for an hour.  Thrilling book, obviously.  I woke up and finished the first chapter just as Jason returned home from work.  He made another yummy dinner of chicken and broccoli and we had our respective desserts… Jason = Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookies, Me = Dark Chocolate Raspberry Yum Yum.

Now he is playing his stupid game; my half-loving, half-loathing name for Battlefield 3… loving or loathing depends on the day and my mood and the position of the moon around the earth.  I’m blogging and we are still recovering from the Ren Faire.  Hopefully tomorrow we will be back on track.  I’m looking forward to a relaxing Monday night filled with… more homework!  Weeeeeeee…..

Ta ta…


Are you thinking about the things in life that make you feel rich?  You should be.  It’s a good warm fuzzy exercise.  Today’s feel rich things: Planning for a future with an amazing guy, Chocolate, A yard to do work in, Realizing my family is normal(er) than I used to think it was, Good friends that never miss a beat and are there for you regardless of time, geography or life events.  Just life.  Breathing. Walking. Writing.  You, reading this.


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