Recent Pep Talks with Myself.

Morning Workout –  Zumba Pep Talk

I had a wonderful Saturday at the Renaissance Faire last weekend.  We walked up and down and around.  We ooo’d and ahhh’d.  We enjoyed the Faire for 6 hours.  In flip flops.  Did I mentioned up and down?  Round and round?  Do you have hamstrings?  If not, would you like mine?  They have been rebelling ever since the weekend came to a close.  Just walking is a chore.  Now imagine trying to work out with Latin flavor at 5:00am with screaming hamstrings.  I’m fairly confident that the neighbors think I have a seizure problem.  Yesterday morning I was upset, hurting and my Latin flavor was non-existent.  I had to stop about 20 minutes in, remind myself that this is one of the ONLY things I do for myself every day.  This is my time.  I do this for me, no one else.  Stop your complaining!  (Mental self-slap).  And shake it…

Staffing Selection – Homework Pep Talk

Sunday I decided to dive in to my HR Certificate homework and read the first chapter in the book.  I crawled onto the couch, grabbed a blanket, was watching Sex and the City and started to read.  15 minutes later and the same paragraph 3 times I have to mute the TV.  15 more minutes later and the same paragraph 3 more times, I have to turn off the TV.  Apparently, I can’t concentrate when I can see something happening out of the corner of my eye.  (SQUIRREL!)  15 more minutes later and I’m drooling on myself and work hard at a 1 hour nap.  1 hour and 45 minutes into my homework journey I am on page 17.  I sit up straight, put my big girl panties on… remind myself the cost of this class and with renewed energy (and a chocolate) I finish the rest of the 1st chapter. 

Relationships – I’m not fit for Prison Pep Talk

Lately I’ve been a bit of an irrational orangutan when it comes to any type of disagreement between Jason and I.  I’m only half joking.  There are times when I’m standing with my hands on my hips and words are leaving my mouth… while I’m subconsciously hovering over my body saying (to myself)… “Shut up!”, “Don’t you say that!”, “I can’t believe you said that”… I have been crabby, cranky, picky and all kinds of other adjectives that describe someone not fun to be around.  I had to sit myself down the other day and remind myself that it is not the goal of everyone around me to test my will to stay out of Prison.  I don’t actually want to harm them, although the urge is strong.  I give myself some chocolate and take some deep breaths.  I count to about 8 million and decide I’ve reached “sane” again.

Career – What’s so bad about being Homeless? Pep Talk

I’d like to copy and paste most of the above and apply it here also.  However, add in that people at work are not as loving as my boyfriend and some of them are actually inconsiderate at times.  This only adds fuel to the irrational orangutan fire.  There are times when hopping around, waving my arms, making monkey noises and then screaming while ripping apart a banana… really feels like the best way to communicate my frustration with certain situations.  I think that bottling that reaction up only causes me to have indigestion, which further agitates my fragile mental state.  Then I remind myself that I really like flushing water and chocolate.  Both of which would be in jeopardy should I have to live in a cardboard box.  And bugs *shudder* I hate bugs, icky bleh.  

Weight – Scale say what? Pep Talk

I got on the scale, I didn’t like it (see previous chocolate coping tendencies). 

I took out the batteries.

I’m out of pep talks for the time being.


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