Wild and Wonderful Weekend


I don’t even know where to begin.  Friday was a half day where I went in search of some sanity and “me” time.  I ended up getting a soap dispenser for mom, sparkly earrings for myself and some gel medium to help with some mixed media paint projects that have been a brewing in my head.  I grabbed a packed from my old stomping grounds that my Aunt had shipped there.  She is so sweet, I almost didn’t have the heart to tell her she was sending me stuff at my old address.  Then my problem with patience won and I needed to tell her so that I didn’t have to wait to find out what my special package was, because everything from Aunt Deb is always so personal and sparkly that it always makes my day!

I met Jason at home and spent some time chillaxing before we decided to go out for dinner with the Vince-n-ator.  We went out for pizza at a local establishment here in town.  We waited for 45 minutes.  Anyone with a 9 year old knows that this equates to 97 hours in child-years and by the time the pizza has come he has shoved things in orifices that was ill-advised, spilled things that would time serious time or goo-b-gone to fix and had us pretending we didn’t know who he was… twice.  Then the pizza arrives and the pepperoni’s taste like perhaps they belonged to a different animal than they should have, the crust was disappointing and the grease was only good for adding to the sparkly atmosphere of the dimly lit establishment.  I think as a whole we could have forgiven almost all of these minor transgressions, but then came the knife to the heart… no air conditioning.  I know you are as horrified as we are.  It’s been about 107 bazillion degrees.  How is it even legal to not have air conditioning.  Especially in a service industry that is defined by earning tips… let me tell you… squirrel pepperonis and sweaty patrons will not buy you a sparkly nothing.  No sir ee bob.


Saturday morning I got up and Zumba’d followed by a 3 mile walk with the husky.  It was a gorgeous morning.  I felt really weird for the first part of the walk and then realized that I was actually chilly and I just hadn’t had that sensation in a while so it seemed foreign to me.

Tyson and I on our walk

After my walk Jason made a delicious egg and english muffin breakfast, nicely paired with some Lunch with Elvis coffee.  We got cleaned up and headed out for a morning and early afternoon filled with baseball tournaments.  We sat in the sun and watched some great baseball.  Vince’s team was undefeated headed into the playoffs and was looking at 3 games ahead of him (give or take depending on the outcomes of said games) over the next two days.  He won the first game by a reported score of 4-2.  We went over to the other park in town to watch Dustin finish up his game.  It was amazing going from a game dominated by a pitching machine and little boys chasing butterflies in the outfield, to big boys firing in throws from the outfield and stealing bases.  I could tell I was having trouble transitioning when I would cheer loudly for throws from 3rd to 1st.  People starting looking at me like perhaps I was slow.  That’s possible, it was hot outside.

We took some time after that to go home and cool off.  We hung out, ate lunch and lounged on the couch.  We had a 2:00 game to attend.  Vince won that game too and that equalled a 3:00pm Sunday championship game.  Still undefeated, this was getting exciting!  Vince went over to a friend’s house after the last game on Saturday and Jason and I headed to Dodgeville to hit up “The” family reunion.

Proof of Jason at The Reunion. {Talking to Carmen, Craig and Keegan… Izzy too}

Saturday night was more of a meet and greet.  There was originally supposed to be a pig roast for dinner however the pig didn’t get done.  So, everyone munched on the other goodies that were there.  Me and some of the cousins had conspired to put together a cousins dinner.  In true “Haga” fashion, no one wanted to make any decisions and what started as a 6:00pm dinner date ended up being a 8:15pm dinner engagement.  We ate at Sam and Maddies, a little restaurant/bar attached to the Don Q Inn in Dodgeville, WI.  It was packed, service was slow and our waitress was too young to serve us our drinks.  The food seemed pretty good.  The bread and butter was delicious… not that it is hard to make but I was really hungry at that point and it hit the spot.  At 9:3o we threw in the towel, paid our bills and headed home.

The most unfortunate part of this evening was the inability for Alexandra to join us.  The highlight of the evening was getting to spend time with my cousins {who I absolutely adore and think are some of the smartest, most generous, funny and awesome people I know} and my man {who I think all the same things about}.  I have so many great memories with these people that having some memories of them together… golden… like 18K golden.


After spending the night at the air mattress at moms {which in case you were wondering is not sexy or comfy} I got up at 6:00am and took my arse down to the treadmill for a morning walk. I walked, I shook my butt, I punched the air, waved my arms, then my phone died.  Then I stared at the clock and waited for either the next 18 minutes to pass, or to fall off and spend the next 18 minutes with a concussion.  That’s how much I dislike walking without music.

I woke up my prince charming after that who my family had graciously allowed to sleep in.  I knew they were all awake since Alexandra, Rob and Mom all came down and waved to me on the treadmill.  I kinda felt like I was in an exhibit at the zoo.  Alex and I ran to Walmart to get some fixin’s for Pesto Pasta, her pot luck contribution.  Rob made breakfast while we were gone and when I got back I’m pretty sure I inhaled my english muffin and eggs.  Jason had to leave shortly after so he could spend some quality time with Vince during his weekend and before the big game!  After Jason left, Alex cooked, Mom and I stared at the couch and I’m pretty sure Rob went and slipped into a coma in another room for a while.  Alexandra helped me finish my hair, because apparently my lackluster and half assed attempt did not fall into her acceptable category.

Around 12:00pm I headed off to the Family Reunion with Alexandra’s Pesto Pasta in tow.  She had to stay behind to put the girls down.  For a nap, not forever.  It was a much larger crew at the reunion today and it was awesome.

The Reunion.

This is something that at some point or another, all of us cousins took for granted.  We are a small village of awesome people.  We have a large, kind family that would do anything for anyone.  We often spend time feeling un-loved, un-pretty, under-appreciated and yet we forget that we have several hundred people who love us just because our great grandparents got it on… again and again.  There isn’t much in life better than that.  I spent the day with people who were smiling, happy, reminiscing, and grateful for each other.  I’m so grateful and feel like a very lucky person!  It is simply awesome.

Here are some of the family photos from today…

Lease Family Reunion 2012

My Family.
My Dad, his brothers and sisters (6 present, 2 were MIA)
Their kids, and their kids… and their kids.
We counted 34 absent family members from this “Haga” photo.
This… is my family.

I’m home now, reflecting on what a truly awesome weekend it was.  Jason and I ate some leftover Pesto Pasta, shared a glass of wine and now I’m writing this post and he is melting his brain.  As an update, Vince’s team won it all.  They are undefeated, champions of their league.  What rockstars!




One thought on “Wild and Wonderful Weekend

  1. Loved every minute of the post and reading about it through your eyes. We do have blessings upon blessings and are truly loved. What a waste of time we spend thinking otherwise. We are also all a very creative bunch in numerous areas!

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