Richness Project: Update

I have reached out to friends and family through my blog and email asking them for their input as it pertains to the things in their lives that make them feel rich.

Here is the original blog post: Richness Project

I’m sharing some stats with you on the current results:

19 people have responded.  Their lists {combined} created 146 things that made them feel rich.  ~ So awesome.

The breakdown is below and I placed each response into a category.  There was some crossover, for example if someone’s pet made them feel loved… should that be under “Pets” or “Love”?  I put it under Pets because the pets were the spark for the feeling of love.


Topic Percent of responses
Little Things 16%
Love 12%
Children 10.2%
Family 8.2%
Nature 7.5%
Personal Growth 7.5%
Friends 6.8%
Happiness 6.8%
Health 6.8%
Kindness 6%
Pets 5.5%
Career 2.7%
Religion 2.7%
This Project 0.6%

If you haven’t yet sent me your list of things in your life that make you feel rich, do it now.  If nothing else it really does brighten your Monday and make you feel Richer.  You know the saying, “If you look for good… you’ll find it”.  Almost everyone who replied felt happier after doing it.  It was a reminder of all the amazing things they had in their lives.  Even if you don’t send it to me… just write it.  You’ll feel amazing.  {and who doesn’t want to feel amazing on a Monday?}

You can send your richness list to me by email at:

You can comment on this post with your richness list.

You can do none of those things because you’re a big girl/boy and don’t have to do what you don’t want to do… but it’d be pretty cool if you did.


On this fine last Monday of July I’m feeling rich because I have no meetings today.  I have a family that is awesome and kind and got to see so many of them this weekend.  It has finally rained and our lawn is recovering from its poop-brown color to almost a brown-green color. My flowers from last Monday are still going strong.  Jason and I are communicating constantly; working on this neat relationship thing we got going on… always growing, changing, evolving and moving forward. I’m feeling really rich because I got to have the best carrot cake I’ve ever had this weekend and it turned out to be my grandma’s recipe ~ so awesome.


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