Spontaneous saturday night painting…


set up and supplies (paper, tin foil as a paint tray, martha stewart paint, and gel medium to pull it all together)


Vino: It’s the little things


Chocolate: The little things

Wine on canvas

All the artwork has found a new home… I love that I made all of these pictures. Adds such character and is a good story.

It’s the small things.

I made this one too with some fun rub on designs and frames from scrap booking stuff I had. This one was really fun! Started with a white piece of paper and ended up with this. Pretty cool.

… And that hanging in it’s new home!
{I also found a canvas print my friend Terrisa had given me a while ago that fits in so perfect… score!}

Creation Station!
Ooohhh that’s catchy.

It was such a fun night!  It was all impromptu and I just grabbed everything I already had lying around the house.  Jason played video games and melted his brain while I crafted my little heart out! I have everything put away now, I blogged about it, and now I’m going to go to bed.

I know, I’m a rockstar.


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