Invisalign: End of Week 4

Well, I’ve had my invisalign in for 4 weeks now.

I have had to carry/stock some new daily accessories. I now have a spare toothbrush and toothpaste in my purse and another set at work. I keep one container/holder at home and one in my purse. I also have floss at home and at work too.

My daily routine has changed up a bit also. When I wake up in the morning, I brush with the aligners in {because I haven’t eaten breakfast when I leave for work}. When I get to work, I take out my aligners and eat my oatmeal and drink my coffee.  Once I’m done with breakfast {I now drink considerably less coffee} I grab my work set of teeth cleaning stuff and brush both my teeth and my aligners and floss my teeth.

I have low blood sugar, so I eat often during the day.  My morning snack {around 10:00am} is usually a banana with a little peanut butter.  I used to change it up once in a while, but now I stick with that because it isn’t crunchy and hard and I can just swish with water afterwards instead of brushing and flossing again.

Lunch means the same routine as breakfast: eating, brushing, flossing.

My afternoon snack I have changed to yogurt so that I can just swish with water again. I used to be a much bigger snacker, but now that I have to take out my aligners and possible brush, etc if it is something crunchy… I have cut down on my snacking.  This means my main meals have become a little bigger and a little closer together.

My boyfriend made the comment the other day that I must not be snacking as much… must have been the shoveling motion I was using to eat and perhaps a snarl or two that escaped my lips if someone came near my food.

When I eat out, I’ve become pretty adapt at pulling out “my teeth” and putting them back in without people even noticing sometimes.  I recently had a family reunion where literally hundreds of my family got together and hugged, talked and laughed together.  Not a single one noticed my teeth.  When I pointed them out, the responses were, “wow… you can’t even tell… that’s awesome… good for you”.  Every picture I’ve posted on my blog and facebook lately has me with my aligners in.  You can’t tell at all.  Mainly I’m just so happy with life and the people I’m with when the pictures are taken that I’m just glowing lately.

Probably the biggest change has been my confidence.  Even though it’s only been 4 weeks and not much has changed with my teeth yet, I’m so happy to have the invisalign in.  I used to mention, complain or be self conscious about my teeth at least once per day.  Now, my focus is on the routine of what is happening and I’m smiling bigger and have nothing to complain about.  I can’t even explain the kind of joy that gives me… in a very deep part of me.  Jason even noticed that I haven’t been bringing it up.  He has been so supportive and pushed me to follow my heart and do what I needed to do.  Even though he assured me I was beautiful just as I am, he knew how important this journey was to me.

Deciding on invisalign was a very long and drawn out process.  Years of agonizing over the decision, the money, and my self esteem. The balance between wanting to fix a cosmetic issue and being okay with myself as I am. I finally realized that getting braces didn’t mean that I wasn’t being true to myself, it just meant that I was making the decision to do something for myself. Since making the decision and starting the process a few months ago, I have not looked back for 1 minute and regretted anything.  For me, it was the right thing, the right time.

Tomorrow I start my 3rd aligner and that means ibuprofen and softer foods tomorrow… but that is just a small price to pay for the peace of mind, soul, happiness that I’ve gotten.

In 2 weeks I’ll get the attachments added to my teeth… I’m a little nervous about that, but still looking forward to it because every new change and appointment just means I’m that much closer to the end of this very personal journey.

Jason and I at a Madison Mallards game.  Can’t even tell the aligners are in… but they are!



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