I made this!


Thin chicken breasts and 1 laughing cow swiss cheese wedge on each.


Spread the cheese and add salsa.


Roll chicken into a roll up and put in lightly greased pan.


Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Take foil off and finish baking for 20 more minutes.


Finished product! Pretty tasty and Jason enjoyed it too! Double bonus! I thought it needed a little more zing... maybe garlic, spicier salsa or something (thats not really my expertise).


Then... i combined all this and 2 avacados to make...


Guacamole!! Suuuuper tasty! Jason was a big fan! It fills my heart whrn he likes what i cook, because im not good at it usually and trying new things makes me nervous.

To top it all off… I made Grandma Haga’s carrot cake and it is sitting on the stove waiting to be frosted… with the made from scratch icing I made also! That’s a family recipe and I’m not sharing… yet! But hopefully ill follow up with big carrot cake smiles from anyone who tastes it!


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