Hello! My name is Ingrid…

And sometimes I have a chocolate problem.

I honestly have the best intentions and am only going to have 1 or 2 small chocolates.  Then I find myself “cleaning” the brownie pan by cutting the edges off the last pieces cut to make them nice and straight.  About 7 forkfuls later, I have to practically stab my own hand with the fork and walk away.  Seriously, who does that?

Oh, I forgot to mention that when the idea struck me to go and “clean” the brownie pan, I got up in such a hurry that I forgot my invisalign trays were on my lap and when I came waddling back past the couch, my aligners were strewn across the floor.  I turned to Jason and say, “I think chocolate is starting to have a negative impact on my life”. — Jason has to bend over he is laughing so hard… then announces that he might have to put a chocolate ban in effect.  I laugh, half heartedly.

It’s one thing if I want to announce some kind of chocolate ban… but if I’m TOLD to slow down on the chocolates, mutiny will be in order.  I don’t take direction well.

Then I had a strong conversation with myself in the mirror about how impractical it is to have that much chocolate when I spend so much time working out.  I resolve to eat less chocolate.  Sometimes I even decide to give it up all together, at least for a while. (notice I was deciding things, not responding to any irrational demands of my cute, yet naive boyfriend).

Then the sun rises on a new day and a new caloric count takes over… more Zumba and chocolate.

When people ask me why I work out every day; I picture myself poised above the brownie pan, fork in hand, shoveling motion in action.  I respond by shrugging and saying, “I like chocolate, cheese and wine”.  People laugh and walk away.  I know they think I’m joking, however tonight was a prime example of having cheese and bread as an appetizer before my cheese pizza with wine and then chocolate and brownies for dessert.

That is why I Zumba.  Well, and muscle tone… but mainly chocolate, cheese and wine.

Now I’m going to watch Harry Potter with my boys and eat less chocolate… tomorrow.

Peace out.


2 thoughts on “Hello! My name is Ingrid…

  1. LOVE it. I, too, am a chocolate freak. And I run more than the average person so I can eat whatever I want… which includes disgusting amounts of chocolate. Love your honesty, I can totally relate!

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