Labor(ious) Holiday Weekend

So, this weekend I haven’t worked out yet.  Why?  Because yesterday and today I spent 9 hours painting.  Why? Because when else do you have that much time to dedicate to starting, and finishing a painting project?  Never.  Unless it’s a holiday weekend.

So instead of kicking back and enjoying hotdogs, beans and beverages.  I’ve been developing early onset carpel tunnel and understanding why people pay an extraordinary amount of money for someone else to do this stuff for them.  Jason worked both days and when he got home, he got the luxury of helping me with my projects.

It hasn’t all been hard work, we did take ourselves out to dinner last night and enjoyed some delicious steaks from Hooker’s resort.  Per usual, Jason cooked mine to absolute perfection!  We ran into Jason’s friend Jason and Amy at the bar and ended up taking in some local music in the form of “Vinyl Thunder”.  There was no cover charge, they were about as good as you would expect for that.  I’m pretty sure the drummer was blind and had to female escorts that he probably got from Craigslist earlier that day.  No one wears sequins like that unless someone pays them to.  We enjoyed chatting, aka screaming over the thunder the band was creating, and people watching.  To the woman in the flannel and the mullet-esque hair.  Choose one or the other, both is overkill.

Tonight we wrapped up the evening with one of our favorite at-home meals of chicken alfredo and homemade cheesy garlic bread.  I ate my left leg’s worth of bread and pasta and am feeling very content and full.  I’m following that up with some of the Widstrand’s house wine of Beaujolais-Villages red wine… super tasty.  As Jason said, “I’m not quite full yet, but I’ll fill the last of my stomach with wine”.  I cannot argue with his logic!

Here is some of the before/after photos of the last 48 hours of painting projects:

Front Door Before

Front Door After – both sides are the same new color(s)

Garage Door Before…

Garage Door After (same colors as the front door)

Front yard bench before…

Front yard bench after! Painted the wood slats, spray painted the iron sides black and added color embellishments.

Vince’s room before…

Vince’s room after!

New little Green Bay Packer’s Corner in Vince’s Room

I painted those shelves Vince’s current favorite color, light blue… and added a nice world map to his wall decor.


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