Testing, testing, 1 – 2 – 4?

Want a good way to give your relationship a little test?  Have your boyfriend completely remodel the floors of your Dad’s kitchen, foyer, hallway, bathroom, living room and den.  800+ square footage of tear out, mud down, tile laying, grout spreading awesomeness. Sprinkle in some new trim {which I learned to stain and poly} and a couple leaky pipes.  Then be the go-between for arguably the two most important men in your life, who communicate… well like men.

If you still are together 3 weeks later… you deserve a high-five {and chocolate}.

On one hand I had Jason speaking to me in “floor-laying-language” and then Dad speaking to me in “dad-who-is-salesman-language” and I’m trying interpret between the two of them. Which goes something like, “I know that’s what he said, but what he meant was… la-dee-da”.  Exhausting and stressful.  By the end, I was refusing to be the go-between… which probably should have been the decision from the beginning.

Not only did the project eat up our weekends from Friday to Sunday the last three weeks, but there was also regular work and schedules to contend with.  Hockey, Football, Life.  I announced the other day that my goal was to be bored.  The kind of bored where you are laying on the couch, drooling, becoming one with your inner sloth, pointing and grunting for food, using Jedi mind tricks to get the remote controller closer and contemplating wearing depends versus trekking the 20 feet to the bathroom. Sounds sexy, doesn’t it?

Anyways, this weekend we are gearing up for a little man’s 10th birthday and then maybe Sunday… depends and Jedi mind tricks.  Here I come!


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