Do more…

of what makes you happy!

I love that quote and always find it a good reminder… a tough reminder on mondays at work when what I love is the kind of love, food and fun filled weekend like I just had at home… but a good reminder nonetheless.

Starting to plan for a wedding is also something that I apparently love to do.  Although, truth be told I am far more happy rolling the ideas around in my head than I probably will be when I actually have to start making ideas and pulling the trigger.  Fantasizing about different color schemes, decor themes, cake ideas, drink ideas and music choices if fun when you can combine them in any way shape or form… having to narrow it down… I don’t know about that! 

I think one of the trickiest things is balancing the wedding that I think other people (parents, family, friends) want us to have and the wedding that I want to have.  Even though the actual event is still far in the future and the actual, “will you” and “yes” haven’t been said… the following, “I do’s” are some of the most expensive moments that will happen in my adult life and making decisions now will assist in the saving adventure that has begun. 

I have days where I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to save money for a future wedding meal that will please everyone’s pallets.  Then I have days where I splurge on a fancy dinner for Jason and I and convince myself that everyone eating cupcakes till they puke is just as stellar of an idea as a 3 course meal.  I know somewhere in the middle of all that is where the balance lies, but in the meantime I will continue to swing the full length of the pendulem. 

  • Morning sunrise wedding vs. late afternoon lake wedding
  • Barn venue with high beams and twinkly lights vs. outside under a tent
  • 3 course meal vs. cupcakes till ya puke
  • Bridesmaids vs. no wedding party
  • Photography, videography, photobooth vs. polaroids

There are some things I do know, however.  I do know that it is important to me that my wedding be close to home so my family and friends can attend and dance their feet off and hearts out with me.  I know that I want to keep my dress under $300.00 because I’m only going to wear it for a short amount of time and don’t care to spend that much money on it.  I want a bouquet made of broaches… so it will never die.  I want to end the night with my face hurting so much from smiling that it actually hurts to chew.

I want to be able to find my man from anywhere across the room and know that it is our day, our way and that even though we’ve known for a long time that we’d be together forever, on that day we shouted it out for everyone to hear and they joined in on our excitement with cake, love and dancing.

Now, I will do the other thing that makes me happy…

Mmmm…. chocolate.


Hand delivered to work by one special guy...


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