Thanksgiving Weekend

There is much to be thankful for this holiday season (and it’s just starting)!

Meatloaf success!

I created this meatloaf creation on Tuesday night and it was a huge success!  I did have some constructive feedback from the little man that next time no onions would be a great alternative way to make it.  I assured him we would go ahead and nix the onions from the next recipe for both his sanity and mine.  I don’t enjoy watching someone spit half their meatloaf back out because he discovered a rogue onion in his mouth… So, let’s remove the onion surprise of it all next time!  Check.


Pumpkin pie madness!

I made my first pumpkin pie maybe 1 month ago… I can’t remember when but I do remember the complete satisfaction and happiness of both the boys in the house and the compliments.  The little guy actually said, “there is no way this is your first pumpkin pie, it is so good!”.  My heart glowed that I could make his stomach happy.  Just the little things sometimes.

Since this initial success, I have made 3 more pumpkin pies.  1 more for the house, which was promised to be gone by thanksgiving by the little pie eater, and his prediction was correct.  2 additional pies were made to take to my Aunt’s house for thanksgiving where there were over 20 hungry relatives (just a small gathering).  1 of those pies did come home with us (Jason was a little too excited about that) due to the abundance of other desserts.  Fudge (1 pan with nuts, 1 without), chocolate bread, cranberry orange bread, chocolate almond bread, homemade cheese cake, store bought cheese cake, 2 additional pumpkin pies, carrot soufflé (okay, maybe that’s not a dessert, but the way Aunt Connie made it… it could have been… mmmm… mmmm.. good!) and more.



Certification Awesomeness!

After much training and even more hours studying, I have the results of 2 out of my 3 exams and scored well into the 90’s on both setting me up with 2 certificates so far.  I am on my way to being a application coordinator (1 result away) and next week Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be back out in Verona for a couple more days of training and another certification “opportunity” — read — “more studying until I see cross eyed and my brain goes fuzzy”

Flexing Crafting Muscles!

Thanksgiving day at my mom’s consisted of delicious treats. I made these no bake cookies and took them there. It was my second attempt at these cookies.  The first time I did not have cocoa powder and substituted nutella.  Needless to say they never reached a solid state.  The whole recipe had to be thrown away… more because I couldn’t be trusted with batter that I could just lick off the wax paper than that the recipe tasted bad.  Also, Rob made a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie… both of which looked a-maz-ing.  Since we had the feast waiting for us at Aunt Ginny’s we didn’t eat at moms.  We did however take a container home of the cheesy potatoes for Jason… he was a little heart broken he wasn’t able to partake in them.

Now on to the Crafting section.  Mom had some awesome crafting supplies and ideas waiting for us and we spent hours pre-meal creating and crafting and followed up the meal with a trip back to mom’s where I resumed my seat next to my lovely sister and continued our crafting marathon!  We are all such creative souls.  We love to make things sparkly, beautiful, pink, and awesome.  We were making most of them for gifts for other people so I can’t show you any of the pictures… yet.  But they are awesome.  Imagine awesome little crafty presents… then imagine them a little better.  You’ll be close ;)

Family Pictures!

I wanted a couple nice pictures of us all together.  We have a couple impromptu ones over the last year and 3 months… but wanted something a little more “on purpose”.  The boys really stepped up to the plate and put their game faces on.  It meant a lot to me that with very little complaints they sat down and smiled with me.  Made me very happy.  I also let Vince know that his smile and participation was all I needed for Christmas. It is the perfect trade off.


Another great photo op came at my mothers with the rare instance where my step brother and his wife were in town fulminate California and our step sister made the drive home also! Alexandra was there obviously and with that, the kids were all in the house and photo ready! (As ready as they could be!).


Who is going to Boston?

We are, we are. I can’t even tell you how excited this makes me. I have beards great things about Boston and I have been plotting a visit there for quite some time. The other day the stars aligned, airfares were cheap, the right questions were asked and viola! Boston trip? Booked! Now to do a little recon on the area and pick some fun activities and stops for our day. On my list of things to discover? Coffee shop, bakery, winery, cheers, anything else sparkly or awesome!

The best part of all these updates? Its only Saturday morning!! More awesomeness is bound to happen. Until then… Tata!


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