Old photos…


My mother. Pregnant with me in Texas, circa 1981.


Me... plotting something deliciously exciting... obviously.

There is something so precious about finding old pictures. The ones before digital photography. Before the “redo” and before the “smile with your eyes” advice that keeps us pepped and perky during photos now. These old photos weren’t taken to share on Facebook, blogs or Christmas cards. They were taken with love, spontaneity and a 35mm. They were treasured, loved, placed in albums or carried in purses to share. Similar to the aging art of writing a letter to say hello, these old photographs really have a sincerity and specialness that can’t be rivaled or photoshopped to be any greater. Dig through your old boxes and you’ll find smiles, memories and heart wrenching momentos cleverly disguised as a 3×5 matte print (with rounded edges).


One thought on “Old photos…

  1. I agree……………..I love old photos and since my siblings decided I would do something with them, I inherited photos from both sides of the family. My dad’s family loved taking pictures. We are blessed with some that go back to the 1800s…it’s amazing. Now I just have to take some photoshop classes , retire at the end of the school year, and get busy.

    Love you and happy holiday…….Aunt Mary

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