Baby it’s cold outside… Weekend in pictures.


Sunday provided a lovely day of snow… a rare moment of excitement when it comes to snow. The first snowfall is always the best.


This guy has been suffering with fleas for a while… and after an exterminator, grooming, and all our extra quarters and dimes spent… he is relaxed and happy. Which makes us relaxed and happy.


I made this wreath out of flowers from hobby lobby and fabric scraps. It hangs in the guest bedroom now.


I love how the wreath (above) mirrors the sunrise here with all the colors. Such beauty.


Some of my painting/crafting/present making that happened over the weekend. We ended up not having tv service all weekend so it was movies, painting and bonding with Tyson while Jason worked.


I painted this after my sister sent me a lovely picture that inspired me. It hangs in the spare bathroom (below).


Spare bathroom, decorated with my painting, a vase of the flowers I got at Michaels and some other repurposed (and hand crafted) decorations.


I made this simple, yet flowery image to hang in the spare bedroom in the basement. It is pretty homey now :) Any homier and visitors won’t leave.


Did a little moving/redecorating int he office. Now we have an actual desk to do our work at (Vince and I). For heavy studying, etc. It’s amazing how moving stuff around and little changes make a room all new.


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