Life’s just moving right along.  Things are going and coming and floating and flying right on by.  November was a fleeting month and now it is practically the middle of December.  Seriously.  How does that happen?

I’ve been spending my free time and home-bound weekends crafting and gift making for a christmas that will be chalked full of sentiment, stitches and hot glue.  This news will likely be very depressing to the 10-year-old who doesn’t have 1 thing requiring stitches or hot glue on his list.

We are sooooo close to being able to refinance the house.  Set back after set back has made it a very frustrating and stressful experience.  The holiday is the worst time to be short on money and in the middle of big financial changes (refinancing, roommate moving out, internet moving in, etc, etc) so that is obviously the time it all has to happen.  We are able to get by, with lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, movie nights, and couch time on the weekends.  The good thing about this time of year is that at least the weather is conducive to couch time and crafting.

It’s hard to stay positive and be a shiny ray of light through it all.  There are definitely days when throwing in the towel and just staying in bed seems like the best idea ever.  However, that’s just not me… or us.  We are lucky to both be pretty resilient people and when I falter my guy is there to hold me, pick me up and unwrap a chocolate.  When he falters I am there to be moral support during gaming adventures not for the faint of heart. These days of struggle are the days I’m extra proud of myself for getting up, working out, going to work, doing my best and coming home to a great family.  At the end of the day I can look back and think about all the opportunities I had to let the day suck my spirit down and count me out… but I stayed positive instead and was better for it.

We have fallen into some happy winter routines around the house involving favorite tv shows, movie nights and dinners together.  Surprisingly it isn’t the Little C taking up most of the Playstation time, it’s the Big C.  It does annoy me some days.  There are definitely times when i have visions of snapping the game in half and doing a dance over its broken pieces… then I remember how hard he works for all of us and it soothes that desire (a little).

On this evening Big C is playing his game and I’m a little miserable due to a tetanus shot with a booster in it for whooping-cough that I got along with my flu shot.  Apparently, having a 10-year-old in the house makes you more susceptible to it.  Figures.  So, I’m in a lot of discomfort and remember why you only get these shots every 10 years… or when you step on a nail.  They are not fun.  Also, just being run down and exhausted in general has me feeling a little achy tonight too.  Maybe a side effect of the flu shot, but I don’t give much stock in that theory.  I’m in the middle of my last training for my last certification I can get and I’m not going to let it keep me from finishing that up.  I’ll just have to go to sleep and I’mOld:30 tonight and get some much-needed sleep.

Over and out.


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