Taco Tuesday

Nothing can go wrong on Taco Tuesday.  Or at least that’s how a fair and just universe would work.  I’m definitely struggling to fight off a small cold or something.

I’m patiently (ha) waiting for work to pan out after all of the training and preparation I’ve done lately.  I’m crossing my fingers and toes that things will line up in a comfortable manner for everyone.

I’m also patiently (ha) waiting for my loving and wonderful boyfriend to propose (tick, tock… breathe).  He wants it to be magically surprising and wonderful, which I adore him for.  I just want it to be magically NOW.  Because well, I’m me and patience and me have never quite seen eye to eye.

I’m super excited for our Boston trip coming up.  I’ve booked us a walking tour on Saturday morning to walk down the freedom trail and check out the local sights.  I’m so excited to be strolling down the streets of Boston with no purpose except to soak in each others company, eat pastries that will be super delicious and toast to ourselves.

The house dynamic has been changing lately.  We’ve been talking about futures, weddings, careers, babies, and puppies.  What happened to “What are we going to do Friday night?”… being our biggest decision to make?  I’m not sure, but I definitely don’t mind the change of pace… however it is hard to be so focused on future non-structured events with fuzzy timelines.  I need to be better about working on shorter term goals/projects and plans so that I have some instant gratification mixed in there.  Maybe I need a new sewing/crafting/painting idea?

I have recently found that I have a few friends in book clubs and I’m totally envious.  I LOVE to read however I haven’t been making the time for it.  I think if I joined a book club I would both find time for the things I love and find friends and good conversation too.  I think I will have to work on this goal.

I’ve also been continuing on my little side mission of strengthening my faith.  I found a new church in DeForest (neighboring town) that I just love.  They were so friendly and gave me a welcome gift bag that included tootsie rolls!  Now THAT is some smart advertising right there!  I felt totally welcome, non-pressured, there was free coffee, good quality sermons, live music and bands… really I couldn’t ask for more.  Hopefully Jason’s work schedule will allow him to go with me and check it out.  It’s really laid back and just feels good and uplifting.

My little sister started school of her own this week and I’m super proud of her.  She sent her little girls off to day care… which was arguably even harder than starting a new school where she doesn’t know anyone.  Her and the girls did great.  I’m so happy for her and them.  It will be great for everyone.  I’m a proud big sister.

So, moral of this blog story is that if I can just master patience… I will be in a primo condition for everything coming my way!

OH, PS… Jason and I watched the Hobbit this weekend and I’m in love.  I couldn’t be happier they are making 3 movies out of it and I’m already planning movie marathon weekends in our future!  I think the flight to Italy is a fair 16 hours… that’s a movie marathon in itself!  Hello Hobbit/Honeymoon?  I’m in.

I'm also missing Lake Placid sooooo much.  I love the people, feeling, food, view and house wine.  Here is my tiny shout out to Moose and Mountains. <3

I’m also missing Lake Placid sooooo much. I love the people, feeling, food, view and house wine. Here is my tiny shout out to Moose and Mountains. <3


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