Wedding ~ Venue site visit numero uno!

Last night Jason, Vince and I went to this place: to check out their place for a farm wedding.  I was immediately impressed with Betsy and Dave who are the owners of the farm. They reminded me so much of my family.  They were excited for us and so nice.  They laughed and showed us around the place.  After only spending 20 minutes in there I was already starting to envision everything.

In order for you to be able to see what it might be like, here are some other weddings that have happened there:

Sorry about the long links, my computer isn’t totally cooperating with hyperlinks these days.  I like being able to see how other people decorated, the different photo ops they got and how it looks in the day/night/etc. ALSO, it gives me a chance to scope out some photographers who are familiar with the venue and the pictures they took.

It holds a max of 200 people, this was one of the things that concerned us a little bit.  I think Jason believes we may very well come close to that number or bust it completely.  It is a little pricey once you add together renting the barn (wedding/dancing) and the shop (dinner) areas.  Then you rent the tables, table clothes and also the table ware if you’d like.  When that is all said and done… it is a good amount.  Not totally out of line, just enough to make me wish we were indeed relatives and I could just get married there for free.

Tonight the wedding fun continues as I get to try on wedding dresses for the first time.  I’ll be going here: to take along an envelope that I got at the bridal expo that could have a free wedding dress in it (unlikely)… but it does for sure have a prize in it… just not sure what the prize will be.

Just wanted to share with everyone near and far :)  We are hoping to look at a couple more venues soon.  I think that is the smart thing to do before any $$$ decisions are made for a wedding that won’t be happening till April/May 2014. I know my Dad would agree with me, he who made me look FOR-EV-ER for a new car back in the day… which of course ended with me finding my perfect first new(ish) car at an incredible price.  Sometimes those sneaky parents DO know what they are talking about ;)


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