It’s the little things…

he does that make me fall in love with my fiance over and over again…


– Starting my car every morning and remembering to turn on my seat heaters.

– Handing over the garage door opener to me for the winter since it only fits 1 car.

– Being the driver most of the time.

– Being excited and exclaiming that the cookies I made are his favorite (ever time, regardless of the type of cookie or how they turn out).

– Not yelling at me for constantly NOT putting the new toilet paper roll on the roller doo-dad.  I am that person who just sets it on top.  Every time.

– Thoughtful grocery shopping.  Getting extra veggies, light yogurt, and oatmeal because he knows I love that stuff.

– Trying anything new with me without much of a complaint.

– Grilling steaks.  His steaks are my favorite.

– Calling my Dad to ask for my hand in marriage (he will FOREVER have brownie points for this).

– Not getting annoyed that the alarm goes after shortly after 5:00am every morning so I can zumba before work, even though he doesn’t need to get up until 6:30ish.

– He will watch shows like Say Yes to the Dress with me. 

– When I got a job promotion, his first text was, “Tell me all about it, I want to know!”… Made me feel very special.

– He believes in me.  He allows me to be my weird little self and loves me for it.

– He supports me in my journey to strengthen my faith and never makes fun of me and encourages me when I’m feeling down.

– Kissing me goodnight, every. single. night.

– Bringing home a new bottle of wine and telling me all the reasons he chose it (A-dorable).

– And last in this list (but certainly not the end of what he does or by any stretch of imagination the least)… asking me to be his, Forever.



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