Wedding update… Dress ahoy!

I went dress shopping Wednesday night for the first and as it turns out… last time!  I walked in with a few ideas in mind, but nothing concrete.  My goal was to try on a little of everything so that I was not excluding things prematurely.  Some of the dresses I thought I would love… ended up looking okay… but not great.  Some dresses I never would have picked, looked phenomenal.  There was a near-find with one dress, however I couldn’t walk easily, squat at all, or get low to boogie down… so that had to be ix-nayed from the list.  The last dress was one that the consultant went and picked out after all the feedback I had given from previous dresses… and it was Perfect.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Totally me.  Obviously it will be a surprise, so I’m not at liberty to give further details, but I cannot wait to wear it for my wedding day and feel like the bell of the ball!

One funny thing I noted afterwards was that looking for a wedding dress is much like dating and looking for a husband.  Many of them looked okay, there was nothing really “wrong” with them, but they just weren’t quite right… and then… BAM!  There was the one you just knew you were meant to have!  A few tiny alterations and perfecto!  You have a beautiful dress and a fiance that knows to buy I can’t believe it’s not butter.


Dress… CHECK!

Oh, AND… Jason put in his passport information!  So…

Passport paperwork sent in… CHECK!

I called a hotel and they will call me back in March when they can even start to quote me on prices for 2014.

We have an appointment to meet with a photographer when we get back from Boston.

We also have an appointment to check out another venue next week.

The wheels are rolling…


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