Boston Recap: Day 3 ~ Turtles and Rings and Lambs… oh my!

Sunday, February 3rd

The day the wine caught up with us.

This morning was our slowest of our vacation.  We rolled out of bed around 9:30 again and had to do a little extra water-splashing on our faces to get going.  Ibuprofen and some mascara later and we strolled down to Starbucks to grab a coffee and a breakfast sandwich.  At this point I was starving.  I was thankful the coffee and sandwich were too hot to eat fast, or I would have made a spectacle of myself.  I slowly ate and savored each bite and then we headed back to the hotel to meet Denise and James and walk down to the aquarium.

Denise, James, Jason and I walking to the Aquarium.

Denise, James, Jason and I walking to the Aquarium.

Originally we had been scheduled to do the freedom trail on this day, however after such successful sightseeing on our own (and the chance at seeing fish and the ocean) we vetoed the Freedom Trail in exchange for some tropical-ish temperatures and water-mammals.   The main part of the aquarium was under construction so the admission was less than usual (still $17/person though) and we were able to see lots of different things.  An anaconda, a huge turtle (my favorite), some really colorful fish, some sharks, huge sting rays, the employees in feeding and walking around with the creatures and puffer fish.  By the time we left, Jason was itching to stock our fish tanks at home with whole new species of fish.

After that I was starving again (classic day-after-too-much-wine bottomless stomach) and we stopped to eat at the Black Rose, an Irish Pub.  It was positively delightful; decorated accordingly and with very tasty food.  All was good until Jason pointed out that I was not wearing my engagement ring.  I had one moment of rewinding the day in my head and then the scene played where I put my ring above the sink in the tray where the shampoo/conditioner were going to be restocked by room service that morning.  Needless to say I lost my appetite and it took every ounce of self-control in my body not to RUN back to the hotel at that moment to grab it.

Note the first appetizer on the list

Note the first appetizer on the list

I called the concierge desk and asked them to make sure it was still there (for some temporary relief).  It wasn’t quite enough of a reassurance though when she called back to tell me it was there.  I was still playing scenes in my mind of it being gone; having to replace it, disappointing Jason… it was horrible.  My heart was somewhere beneath my toes.  I finished my lunch in world-record time, eating in what could be considered a shoveling motion by most (chicken breast with aged cheese and BBQ sauce).  Jason too finished eating quickly (tenderloin sandwich with blue cheese and friend onions), being both anxious himself and sensing my anxiety.

We said good-day to Denise and James who were going to stay and watch Rugby for a while and we walked (very, very briskly) back to the hotel where I breathed the biggest sigh of relief seeing my ring and placing it on my finger.  I will admit that I still felt the effects of that traumatic event for most of the day.  I was so upset.  I hope that never happens again!

Ring on finger, we ventured back out into the streets of Boston and stumbled across a cupcakery named, “SWEET”.  I was immediately sold.  It was so quaint, cute, pink and the frosting looked amazing!  We ended up getting 2 boston cream pie cupcakes (which also turned out to be our favorites) and then 4 mini cupcakes (2 carrot, 1 red velvet and 1 dark chocolate with chocolate icing).

SWEET... and it was.

SWEET… and it was.

Our next stop was at the Old South Meeting Hall.  It was $6 to tour it and we decided to go for it.  Best $6.00 of the trip.  Hands-down.  There was such history there!  We were silent (me, silent… I know!) and just took it all in.  It was a place where Ben Franklin was baptized, Tea Party decisions were made, rallies were held and history was made.  Truly felt like we soaked in a bit of really good history in that building.  Loved every moment of it.

We left there feeling awesome and I googled Harley Davidson to see if we could find any of those around here.  As it turns out we were very close to one that was located by Fenail Hall.  Jason got his t-shirt with Boston on it (something he likes to do in every city he visits) and then we walked out to find ourselves in the Quincy Market.  We hadn’t even known we were there, and yet we were.  There were so many food vendors, anything and everything you wanted, was there.  Then on each side of that (North and South side) there were vendors with all kinds of trinkets.  Yet another layer of retail shops on the outside contained even more trinkets and awesomeness for sale.

Quincy Market

Quincy Market

After all this we went back to our hotel room, laid in bed and reflected on our day and what our dinner plans would be.  We did consider ordering room service, since we had a bottle of wine and some flowers there in the room that I had delivered for Jason on our first day.  However we decided to spend our last evening the way we spent our first evening at Trattoria Il Panino in the North End of town.  Jason just could not get his mind of the rack of lamb he had seen there on our last visit.

We compromised and cracked open the wine, called the concierge and made 7:00 dinner reservations, popped 1 boston cream pie cupcake each and got ready for our evening.  We did decide not to partake in the free wine hour on this day, since we had our own bottle that seemed excessively lushy.

Now considering ourselves very Boston-Savvy we took a new route to get to our favorite restaurant and got so many good pictures and just had such fun on the way there!  Crossing the street was always tricky because people constantly seemed to be speeding around corners and honking all the time.  After lots of pictures and some dawdling, we finally made it to the restaurant in the nick of time (note sarcasm).  We were the only ones in the restaurant when we got there and they seated us in the charming front window table (to draw more customers, I’m sure).  As they watched us take photos of each other “enjoying” our meals… I’m sure they regretted putting us on display for the whole world to see.  Che sara sara.

Mmmm... lamb...

Mmmm… lamb…

Jason got another bottle of wine.  Why?  Because I’ve obviously created a monster.  He has become the guy who tells me 2 cookies are better than 1.  1 bottle is better than 2 glasses.  And high fives come in 3’s.  I got a spaghetti dish that had linguine noodles and some kind of heavenly meat sauce.  Seriously, it was divine! We were so happy with our dinner, our vacation and each other.  We sat and giggled and drank and just soaked everything up.  Finally another “couple” came in and they seemed to be work colleagues having what Jason considered to be a rather suspect rendezvous.  We finished our wine while contemplating what the real story was there.

On the way home we detoured a couple miles out of our way (it didn’t seem that far when we made the decision to do so) in order to see a bridge that Jason wanted to look at, close and personal.  A nice surprise was that the bridge was right next to where the Bruins and the Celtics played.  The even nicer surprise was that the building is also the train station and therefore open to people like us to go in, use their bathroom, take silly pictures and randomly run a muck.

We walked ourselves home after our stadium shananigans and ended up going into the Beantown Pub (next door) to catch the last half of the Super Bowl.  This really made Jason happy as earlier in the evening he was fretting over the fact that he had never missed a super bowl before.  Divine intervention and electrical failure lead him to be able to catch half of this one anyways.

We ended the evening polishing off the rest of the mini-cupcakes and dreaming of racks of lambs and weddings.


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