Boston Recap: Day 4 ~ All good things must come to an end…

Monday, February 4th

All good things must end…

Monday morning was our last morning in Boston.  We celebrated as the locals do with a trip to Dunkin Donuts.  This was by far the coldest day of the trip.  We took our DD back to the hotel and ate it there while warming up from our little walk to get it.  We decided to try again and went down to check out some other parts of town, this was our shortest venture yet.  We did end up in a cemetery that held Sam Adams’ grave, Ben Franklin’s parents grave and many other historical notables.  More picture taking ensued.

Cranary Burial Ground

Cranary Burial Ground

We went back to the hotel and packed everything up.  I took down the flowers that I had gotten Jason (because they still looked beautiful) and gave them to the concierge woman who had been so helpful getting us reservations, checking on my ring, and indulging us when we returned from our dinners by listening to our stories of glory.  Once all checked out, we went next door and had lunch.  This was the time we decided to try the Boston Clam Chowdah.  Personally, I thought it tasted like potato soup, good… but nothing memorable.

We hung around there until we decided we could just as easily be hanging out in the airport and not run the risk of being rushed like we were on the way out to Boston.  We had the hotel hail us a taxi and back to the airport we went.

All our airport and flight experiences were relatively mundane and uneventful (as they all should be).  We reminisced about our favorite foods, experiences, sights and moments spent together. I watched the lady next to me crochet until I decided I needed to learn how to do that myself (next goal…)

Sun setting during our flight home

Sun setting during our flight home

We grabbed subway on the way home, got home around 8:30pm and were all unpacked and in bed by 9:30pm.

We were both so happy to be home!  Tyson was one happy husky and the house looked great thanks to my sister watching it and Sarah following up on the back end and helping Tyson through the last night without us.  Without those girls we wouldn’t have been able to relax nearly as much!

Now, back to wedding planning… peanut butter and jelly sandwiches… and saving moolah!!!


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