Photography… My style.

Jason was asking me to try and describe what I was looking for in a photographer.  I struggled.  This normally isn’t the case for me, because talking is one of the things I do most often… I’d say that I do it best… but it’s more of a quantity vs. quality argument I’m sure.

I think I have become quite the peruser (stalker, follower, obsessor) of wedding blogs and have definitely gravitated towards a more story-telling, background-including, light-manipulating style of photography.  Definitely not portrait photography.  Portrait photography has its place and uses… but for me, my engagement and/or wedding… not so much.

I love the photographs you look at and want to be included in that inside joke, wish you were being bathed in that sunlight, or knowing they are sharing an intimate moment… sometimes so private you are surprised you are even allowed to participate in viewing it.

In order to show him, because telling someone all these things still does not seem to quite get the message through sometimes… I found some prime examples of the “style” of photography that truly speaks to me.

Engagement Session

Drizzly Engagement Session


Another Engagement Example

Random Photos

So, I’m torn between the sheer cost of having someone follow you around and take all kinds of pictures for one of the most special days of my life… and the reality of never actually doing much with those pictures.  Do photos really warrant that much spending money? Or can I rely on just anyone with a decent camera to capture enough pictures to be able to frame a couple, send a thank you card, update a facebook profile picture… etc.

Oh decisions, decisions.



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