Sunday Funday

Life has been crazy lately.  Working a boat-load of hours each day.  Not sure what that actually equates to, but if I had to choose it would be more like a barge or ferry’s worth.. not like a canoe or paddle boat.  Today though… I rested.  We watched 3 movies: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Transformer’s Dark Side of the Moon and some movie called the Dragon Slayer.  Jason made a roast for dinner (it was DE-licious).  It rained all day long.  That wouldn’t be weird… if it wasn’t winter in Wisconsin and the rain was falling on many inches of snow already on the ground… we will see how this all turns out tomorrow.

We had Vince this weekend so yesterday while I worked for most of the day, Jason took Vince and Tyson (the husky) into Madison and they ran errands.  I think they had a good time.  They don’t get too much father/son testosterone bonding time… so I’m sure it was much needed.  I enjoyed having the house quiet while I worked… well mostly quiet… I got through 3 of the Harry Potter movies while I was working the day away.  I’ve seen them so often that they are nice to have on in the background just for background noise.

I switched anxiety medicine this week. The first medicine, Paxil… worked great for my anxiety.  Unfortunately it also was causing me to slowly gain weight.  I did some research online and besides exercising more and eating right (which I already do a lot of both), there wasn’t much I could do about it.  So, I talked to my doctor and switched to Lexapro.  So far it is going well… time will tell if my body weight regulates itself again after the switch.  It was very discouraging to exercise every day… sometimes even a little extra to try and deal with the (at first) unexplained weight gain and have nothing work.  There was a moment when I perfectly understood why some people throw in the towel on trying to keep up on that while on medicine that messes with their metabolism. It can be quite unsettling and mess with your motivation a little.

We made brownies yesterday (I made them… Jason ran to the store to get ice cream — that’s a team effort right there).  So we’ve been enjoying that yesterday and today.  Jason’s friend’s Ed & Becky gave us the most delicious wine for our engagement party.  I’ve been savoring about 1 glass per night… alas… I ran out tonight.  Probably a good thing.  Trying to rebound from a few extra pounds is a little harder with wine and brownies every night :) Who knew?

I’d like to get a photographer nailed down… mostly because I’d really like some pretty engagement pictures.  I go back and forth between being okay waiting for spring and then convincing myself that two engagement shoots is totally normal… 1 now and 1 when it’s summer and pretty.  I also would like to get a DJ and Caterer nailed down at some point.  I know another bridal show is coming up sometime this month… maybe I can make it there and check out some of those services… especially now that I have a date!

Well… I think that’s all for now.  I’m going back to neurotically pinning things on pinterest and stalking wedding blogs.  Finding my dream wedding somewhere between the gorgeous weddings I see online and the reality of my itty bitty budget!  Talk about a challenge!

Have I mentioned that even with all the “stuff” going on that I wouldn’t choose any other life?  I love us.  Sounds vague, but it is really all encompassing.  I love me.  I love everything that makes me, me… family, friends, work, life, etc.  I love him and everything that makes him, him.  I love it all.  I am feeling very lucky these days.  There is a monthly hormonal shift on the horizon… so hopefully I’ll remember all these warm fuzzy feelings when my uterus launches a hostile takeover of my chocolate cravings and sanity.


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