Daylight savings… spring forward.

There isn’t much spring in my step on this day.  Mostly my steps today were sluggish.  However I got to work a normal 8 hour day today and met my first goal of the big project at work… so today I could “relax” a little.  It was nice.  I actually made it to the bank, am catching up on some emails and getting to do some wedding blog stalking/planning/wishing/dreaming/hoping/envying… everything.  I love it.

I’ve definitely nailed down my wedding style/dream which is rustic/antique/rose/comfortable/custom/warm and welcoming.  I want people to feel lucky to be there, blessed to share the day, and not want to leave at the end of the night.  I know I will feel all those things.  I know I will be so overwhelmed and busy that I will not get a chance to talk to everyone or share with them the complete joy I will have at sharing this truly special,heartfelt and emotional day with them.




Jason has hockey tonight, so that always kills the buzz a little because I know he will be leaving and I’ll go to bed without him.  We go to bed at the same time most nights, so of course now it’s a little harder to fall asleep when he isn’t there.  However, he is always giddy when he gets home and excited to tell me about how his hockey went.  Of course when we first started dating, I went to almost all of his games.  Now that we live together I usually stay home with Vince, or just plain stay home.  It’s really cold in hockey rinks.  Especially really empty hockey rinks.

Pretty sure I earned an evil stepmother wart today.  I usually try and keep them away, but I got one nonetheless.  Ahhhh…. such is life.  Win some, ya lose some.

On another note, we are watching the show, Bizarre American Foods and this small tribe comes together and all shares food and lives off the nature and are just wonderfully good people.  One of the gentlemen said, “It (seal) doesn’t taste good unless you share!”.  What an awesome way of life!  If only everyone felt that way about more things in life.  It made me smile.  Also made me excited to try out new things on our honeymoon next year… Italy… look out!



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