Wednesday: Tiaras and Sparkles

At the last minute, Wednesday turned out to be a pretty awesome day.

Late on Tuesday I found out that my niece needed a sitter because she was sick and my sister needed to attend her own school that day for a mandatory class.  Since I am able to work from anywhere with wireless connection, I decided to drive to Milwaukee the next morning and watch my niece and “get some work done” while I did it.  Did I mention my niece is 3?  I made it door to door in 1 hour and 15 minutes… let’s just say that there is no route for that speed on the garmin… unless it was under smokey and the bandit settings or something.

When I got to my sister’s place she wasn’t there because she was taking the other niece to day care… luckily she lives with my dad and I know the secret password, dance and laser eye scanner to get in the house.  I’m only half joking.  So, I made myself at home and made some coffee and oatmeal and got all settled in for a day of babysitting.

There was a brief moment when I’m positive my sister had second thoughts about her choice of babysitter… that likely happened when I was watching her fill up a plastic syringe-looking device of liquid tylenol and decided to clarify, “Do I put that in her butt?”.  My sister just stared at me open-mouthed.  “NO!”.  Well, how am I supposed to know that?  I thought you took liquid tylenol out of a spoon or cup.  You take babies temperatures in there butts… so maybe that’s where the tylenol goes too.  This logic also bothered my Mother who informed me that you don’t take babies temperatures in their butts anymore… I guess it’s a good thing my sister didn’t ask me to do that.

After being assured that if I did have to change a diaper, it would be of a little solid pebble consistancy (no-problemo)… imagine my confusion when what appeared to be a couple cups of chewed up peas was in her diaper.  I had to text my sister and make sure this wasn’t cause for alarm.  What I was expecting to be a single wipe operation… turned into some kind of twister game between me and the 3 year old birthday girl (yup… she wore a tiara all day.  all.  day.).  Eventually I wiped up all the poop, I’m not sure how some got on her ankle, but I decided that discovery channel lesson could be for another day.

Luckily she is very good at changing movies in the xbox all by herself.  I was concerned about the structural integrity of the dvd’s and cases as she was pretty much trying to rip them apart like godzilla on pms… but my sister said she knew what she was doing, so I just let her have at it.  She also decided that a fun activity would be to tape single sheets of toilet paper to the sliding glass door.  Who was I to argue with this logic?  She would walk up to me and in some kind of ewok-toddler mixture say, “TAPE!”.  I would give her a small piece of tape, and as long as it did not get folded onto itself, it would have a future as door-decoration.  She would giggle and say, “Tank uuu”.  Repeat, about 70 times.  Hopefully they didn’t need tape for anything in the near future.

Then there was the 20 minutes where Evelyn was trying to tell me something.  It went like this:

Evelyn: “fdksa; k;;lkj ccjk;lai ;kdfdka;”

Me: What?

Evelyn: {repeat above drunken ewok talk}

Me: Um… did you poop?

Evelyn: NO! {repeat above drunken ewok talk and point}

Me: Hmmm… are you hungry?

Evelyn: NO! {repeat and now start to flail about like a gremelin}

Me: Is it something big?

Evelyn: Stares me down and says, “I go play”. {I could tell she was exasperrated and disgusted with me, 3yrd old rejection… harsh}

Me: Okay…

I finally give her oreos and am alarmed to find out that she ONLY eats the cream filling and NOT the chocolate cookie part.  I tried to have a crucial conversation with her about the fact that the cookie part was CHOC-O-LATE… I figured if I said it slow she would grasp the gravity of the situation.  She just stared me down, licked the last bit of cream filling off and discarded the poor chocolate cookie part.  I did contemplate eating it, but I didn’t want anyone putting tylenol in my butt if I got sick, so I just sent them to their trash can graveyard.

I put Evie down for a nap and finished watching Madagascar… I’m not sure which one, but it’s the one where they joined the circus.  I actually teared up.  It was obviously time to go home.  My sister arrived there just in time and I hustled out of there with great plans of returning to work.

Insert 1 stop at the outlet mall for 150 pieces of chocolate truffles (thank you Lindt outlet store… I heart you) and 2 cardigans later, I was on a new path for my day.  I called up Chalmer’s Jewelers (where Jason got my gorgeous engagement ring) and trotted on in there to get my ring sized down a little bit.  They were so kind, and had my ring sized and back to me in 2 hours.  TWO HOURS!  So awesome!  Jason even stopped by while I was hanging out there to surprise me in between his work… how sweet!

I then traveled all the way across madison on University avenue and hit every green light on the way through.  It was amazing.  If all the other awesomeness of the day wasn’t a clear sign that it was a great day… this was the cherry on top of that awesome day.

I ended the day with Dinner with my great friend and future bridesmaid, Terrisa.  We laughed, we drank, she gave me THE CUTEST necklace from origami owl (I think I’m hooked) and we shared a mile high mud pie.  It was SO delicious.  I had a stomach ache the entire next day, but if I had to do it all over again… I likely would not have changed a single thing!

Jason chatted with me the whole way home {after a couple glasses of wine I was feeling especially chatty} and then I arrived home to find my cowboy boots and wedding decorations I’d ordered online had arrived.  I’m new to this online ordering thing… but walking in to find the stuff sitting there was so fun!  I had chocolate, cardigans, a wine buzz, cowboy boots and pretty wedding banners.  Pretty sure I went to sleep with a grin on my face :)

Some days… Life is just awesome.  That was one of those days.  I have many of them these days :)


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