Chalmer’s Jewelers = Wonderful

So, I’ve been meaning to write this but you know… life’s busy sometimes.  Chalmer’s Jewelers in Middleton, WI is amazing.  Not only do they make their own custom jewelery (of which I know have one gorgeous custom-made engagement ring), they are so friends and accomodating!  Jason raved about the woman, Sara, who helped him.  He made sure that when I wasn’t sure my ring was fitting quite right that I went back and asked for Sara again. 

Now, I haven’t had many things sized in my life, but I know it normally takes a while to get the ring back.  I was nervous about this because my Step Mom has my Dad go and watch her ring be sized and cleaned to make sure nothing happens to it… which I thought was ridiculous until I had this very sparkly, special and expensive ring on my finger… I started to understand her neurosis regarding this. 

When I called Chalmer’s to see if they had availability to see me and what the sizing process was like… imagine my surprise when not only could someone see me that day, but they could also size my ring that same day! I was calling at about 2:00pm in the afternoon.  I was able to drop off my ring at 3:00pm to the jewlers that are onsite and obviously take care of the jewelry right there… since that’s where they make it also.  There are monitors that show what the jewelers are up to and just before 5:00pm my perfectly sized, buffed and shiny ring was back on my finger. 

It was perfection!  I would highly recommend them.  Their service was great, their product  is amazing and the people were all so friendly!

Chalmers Website:

My Custom Setting (so gorgeous):

Very similar to the diamond added to the setting:

Next wish list item (because I’ve never had diamond earrings… and it’s my birthstone):



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