Pinterest finds…

At first I didn’t really understand the pinterest craze, now I love it. It’s a great way to collect ideas, themes, inspiration…

Here are some of my recent finds from pinterest:

I think this table runner would look AMAZING at my barn wedding/reception!

This idea for a window treatment = ADORABLE.

I love wood signs of all colors, sizes and quotes… like this one.  However I haven’t bought any because I’m positive I could do it myself with the right amount of ambition and the appropriate sized letter templates..

Sometimes it helps me decide what I do NOT want for my wedding.  Tall table-scape designs like this one don’t do anything for me.  I like simple, small and a less-is-more approach (like this).

Love this adorable engagement photo!  Unique is key!

I LOVE this painting for a kitchen!  LOVE. IT.

I dig this little bar idea for our basement… it is my secret little dream to put a little bar area down there for the big kids :)


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