Put the rust in trust…

I’m hoping that one day I will talk about our relationship and the trust we have with each other and the care that each of us takes with our relationship that the concept itself will be so old that it could… could… have rust.  Rust in the good, well-worn way.  Not the “we live in wisconsin and have too much salt and not enough warm weather for car washes” way.

I was just sharing this sentiment with my Aunt.  The absolute whole and great feeling that really deep trust gives you is absolutely priceless.  I consider myself fortunate to be experiencing it now and also fortunate to know the opposite side of that from past relationships that were deeply lacking in trust.  I’ve experienced first hand the very deep and uncomfortable feeling that insecurity and distrust brings.  It is not pleasant.  The constant worry, second guessing, motive-questioning and inner struggle are absolutely exhausting.  On the flip side, even though great relationships come with great responsibility, having the very stable foundation of trust and respect make that work more wholesome, worthwhile and earnest.

Our trust is one of the many reasons we both feel deeper love than we’ve felt. The comfort and security that comes with trust really allows you to love with your whole heart and not hold anything back.  I feel more free to love, live, and do so with excitement and adventure than I ever have.  It is pretty much amazing.


One thought on “Put the rust in trust…

  1. A lovely post. Trust is invaluable and so rare in its purest from. We so often let past hurts taint our ability to trust afterwards. Which is a shame as we miss out the best bits! I am glad I stopped by. Blessings to you!

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