Tuesday… not Friday.

I super wanted today to be Friday.

Every moment of the day sucked big time.  I’m pretty sure I wished people to poop in their pants for several different reasons… in several different circumstances.  Not sure why that would have made the day better… but it sure did make me laugh while I thought of it today.  Between the miscommunications between myself and everyone else I seemed to talk to and the pretty obvious fact that it indeed was NOT friday… really bummed me out.  Even the consumption of a 1 day old cupcake (still delicious) and a large coffee still did not improve my day.

On top of my dislike of the reality of it not being Friday, I had several pimples decide to make their presence known and in a big way and then also felt rage like super hormonal style.  So, of course I figured I was most likely pregnant.  Because that is the obvious and rational (ha) conclusion to come to. Then I decided I was peanut butter deficient, or at least that’s what happened when I ate 1/3 of a peanut butter jar semi randomly during the day.  I need to go to PB anonymous.

I was definitely struggling today with the reality of working with people who felt like treating people with little respect is an “ok” way to conduct business.  It frustrates me that people with the authority (and pay scale) to hire and fire people find it necessary to make other people feel like lesser individuals.  Threatened or not, personal issues with people or not… I think that’s one of the traits that should come with the territory of a higher pay scale and underground parking.  You need to treat people fairly and with respect. Odd, I know.



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