Sharing is caring…

Here are some things I found…

  1. These seem super summery, which is awesome since the weather FINALLY started cooperating here in Wisco:
  2. My favorite greeting card artist came out with a new one… that is kinda related to the above post:
  3. I met these two at the local bridal show and they were so sweet.  It was just days after I’d gotten engaged and they gave me guidance and probably most importantly they have THE. CUTEST. (and best) BUSINESS. EVER.
  4. One of my personal FAVORITE finds: a new wedding happened at our venue (makes me giggle every time I find a new one to obsess over):
  5. AND… another one!  It’s my lucky day!
  6. Adorable favor idea!  (if I was much, much richer)

Gosh, I think that’s my finds for the moment!  I’ve been working so much I haven’t had time to stop and smell the roses lately (or stalk my favorite internet sites).  Hopefully I’ll make time for some of that more often soon.  Maybe it will be a mini resolution.  You can’t wait for inspiration to track you down… you have to go look for it (or at least google it).


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