I know I’m getting older when…

I say I don’t want/need anything for my birthday and I mean it.  I am truly able of getting most of the stuff I want and no longer need to wait until birthdays or christmas to ask for those things.  Unless it’s cash.  If you want to give me cash, that’s great.  Or scarves, funny socks, canvases or wood with sayings on them (obsessed) or something handmade.  So, okay maybe I only 76% mean it when I say I don’t need anything, however I am truly happy just spending time with family and friends on my birthday…. and eating cake.  Maybe this wasn’t a good starting point for this post.

I went to bed at 8:30 the other night.  Eight… thirty.  And I was happy about it. 

I despise being hung over.  Is till like a good few glasses of wine though, which sometimes leads to a hangover.  Quite the pickle I find myself in some days.  Generally speaking after 1 glass of wine I remember that I don’t want to be hung over.  After 3 glasses I think I’m rich, can shake my hips like Elvis and am immune to hangovers.  Yup, only 3 glasses… O.L.D.

I invited my friends over recently to drink wine and learn to crochet.  Enough said. — Except that I had an immense amount of fun.

I often say to myself, “My parents were right…”

Time is starting to go faster, whether I’m having fun or not.  Where did April go? 

I find myself truly enjoying my time with my family because I understand that it is limited and precious.  Every day I am thankful to be here, be healthy and to have my family in the same condition.

The “oldies” station is starting to play songs that my parents don’t know because they are too “new”. 

All these things mark the passing of time… I am however still a big fan of Oreos, naps, giggling, stringing together adjectives that make sailors blush and randomly adding tattoos to my body (that Dad and God gave me and I chose to alter — I’ll save Dad the speech and put it here) and I fart… more than a lady should… but it’s scientifically proven that if I don’t fart… I’ll blow up.

Me... I still look like this when I get excited... many moons later.

Me… I still look like this when I get excited… many moons later.


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