Sunday Funday

Just when things were seeming to be difficult and frustrating, I got huge hugs, great photo ops and impromptu dance moves thrown my way.  This is what makes any kind of parenting worth it… it’s amazing what a hug or smile does to erase a rough week!  Totally makes everything worth it.  We had a movie marathon kind of weekend and also we finally mowed our lawn, which is good because the other option was to start telling people we lived on a preserved prairie land to explain the rapid foliage growth.

Vince and I had some painting projects, as apparent by the random paint on both of us.  Apparently crafting with a 10 year old in close proximity is just as messy as it sounds.  He also used a hammer and a glue gun.  I’m happy to announce there were no craftacular accidents in the home.  We are currently watching “The Last Samari”… which has the 10 year old geared up  with a yard stick and a life size bear and mock decapitation. Like I said, it is a good weekend.

Amazing Family Picture <3

Amazing Family Picture <3 


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