Bridal Show Finds…


Chris and Amber are a husband/wife photography team/owner at Wedding Flashers that go to every wedding together.  They were very personable and were already in love with the venue I have chosen.  They were excited to hear I was doing both the wedding and reception at the barn because it would lend to such a more relaxed time frame and more opportunity for awesome pictures.  I was sold when their favorite part of the barn was the chandeliers (it was mine also).  The real winning moment was when I walked past them a few hours after having first met them and they still remembered my name (and loudly shouted it).


I spoke with Megan, the event coordinator for Upstairs Downstairs Catering during the bridal expo and she was phenominal.  Every idea I had was followed by examples and/or suggestions from Megan.  There wasn’t anything that was out of the question… although I didn’t ask if I could have the catering for free… next time I guess.  The food all looked good (although maybe a little fancier than people would expect at a barn).  One of my favorite ideas was having bartenders (rented through them) that would not only tend bar during the reception, but could also walk around pre- and post- ceremony with drinks butler-style (you know, fancy drinks on a platter brought to you while you sit and enjoy the sun/fun/wedding).  I have emailed them about setting up a tasting… if their food is as good as their staff… this could be a good one!

Honorable Mention Caterer

Johnsons Sausage Shoppe had pulled pork sliders at the expo and they were delicious!  I used to be a big fan of pulled pork and then I became a little turned off because quite frankly it’s been a while since I have had a quality pulled pork sandwich.  Not too dry, not too seasoned, just perfect.  This mini slider was right up there in awesomeness with the cupcakes we had while walking around!  Their website made it hard to judge what kind of catering style they have, but I sent off an inquiring email about menu and prices and I’m interested to take a look.


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