There are 12 months and 9 days until our wedding day.
There are 23 more invisalign trays until I’m done with braces (again).
There are 2 months and 2 days until a huge project at work goes live.
There are 6 months until I need to send out save the dates
There are 6 months left until we need to start our pre-marital counseling
There is 1 week until I pick up my custom wedding band from Chalmer’s Jewelers
There is not enough time in my day to think about all this stuff… but I try.

With all these deadlines and milestones looming, there are definitely times when I forget to take a moment to stop and appreciate how far I’ve come. I am always reminding myself that I am truly blessed to have not only the ability but will to work every day. The desire to be healthy. The drive to not only “do” but “do right”. The empathy to feel for others. The sarcasm to deal with the empathy-challenged humans in my life. The wonderful inherent ability to wake up every morning with a fresh outlook on life. The wonderful fact that I’m not allergic to chocolate, wine or peanut butter {that my friends, would be utterly tragic}. I’m thankful all my digits are attached, I have the right amount of them, and they for the most part do just what I want them to. The realization that I don’t have to be friends with everyone and that’s okay. Choosing to not have people in my life is sometimes just as important as choosing to nurture the relationships with the people I do keep in my life. Being able to sit on the couch at night, blog my little heart away with freshly painted nails, huskies at my feet and a couple of tired boys on either side of me… all while being grateful and content.

All that to say I am having a night with the gratitude is flowing. Jason’s Mom so kindly offered to help out the family next week and it is just such a nice gesture. The relief it offers is worth a million dollars {note: i do not have a million dollars… } She recently posted something referring to me as her future daughter-in-law. Just a sign of things to come… pretty awesome stuff.

Happy Tuesday!

True. Story.

True. Story.


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