Wednesday Fun with Foto



The following is a sampling of what happens when a bottle of wine and a self-timer on a digital camera meet…  I am by no means a professional photographer.  I’m not even a non-professional photographer.  I do however love (LOVE) to document life through a flash on a camera or a little click on my phone.  My fiance is 100% supportive of my random demands for him to stand in a field.  

I love him for this.  

I love him for many things, but his willingness to try anything and do so with a positive attitude is one of my absolute favorite things about him.  I love being around him, planning new adventures with him and enjoy calling him my best friend. Of course I type this as I yell at him to not read my blog while I write it because I like him to read it on his own time… because as any good fiance would do, he subscribes to my blog so he is notified when I write something new.  His interest in my hobbies is reason 812.7 that I think he is the one for me.  :)  

Happy 1 year and 8 days until “the” day.

Yee… Haw.


DSCN3617 - Version 2








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